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Apply for your complimentary $50,000 basic cover here. You can choose to enhance your coverage by increasing the sum assured of your basic cover or opt for LUV Deluxe cover during sign up too. 

Here’s what LUV offers you.

You may view the full premium table here.

Who this is for.

Only NTUC members may apply for cover under this plan.


To apply for your husband, wife, or children[5], they must be a Singaporean, Singapore Permanent Resident or foreigner who is working or residing in Singapore.


The entry age and maximum age of coverage are as follow:


  Minimum entry age Maximum entry age Maximum age of coverage
NTUC member and husband or wife 16 years old 64 years old 70 years old^
Child 15 days old 17 years old 25 years old[6]

^ If you take up this policy at 60 years old and below, you will be covered until the age of 70. If you take up this policy after 60 years old, you will be covered until the age of 65.

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