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As part of Income’s ongoing effort to streamline and digitalise services, from 15 November 2023 onwards, we will transition to full digital submissions through our travel claims portal for Travel claim submissions.

Except FlexiTravel Hourly Insurance and Government/School Travel Programme. 

For FlexiTravel Hourly Insurance, you may submit your claims here.

For public agencies on VITAL’s travel programme, you may submit your claims here.

For school trips under a group travel programme, you may submit your claims here.

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No, death claims due to disease are not payable. The Travel Insurance policy only pays for death claims caused by accident.

You can only claim for dental expenses if an accident happened while you are overseas and the treatment is necessary to restore your sound and natural teeth. It is subject to the limit of the policy contract.

No, medical expenses related to pregnancy are not claimable as the Travel Insurance policy excludes pregnancy and childbirth.

Yes, follow-up medical treatment incurred within 30 days upon returning to Singapore is claimable.

Yes, you can if it is not a pre-existing condition and the injury or illness occurred during your overseas travel.

The Travel Insurance policy allows you to claim for medical expenses incurred for:

  • Initial treatment within three days from the date you return to Singapore
  • Follow-up treatments up to 30 days from the date of your first treatment in Singapore

Yes, you can as long as the practitioners are registered with the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioners Board and possess valid practicing certificates. You will need to do so within three days upon returning to Singapore and you have up to a maximum of 30 days to continue treatment.

View list of registered TCM practitioners

The emergency medical and travel assistance services available are:

  • Medical advice
  • Referral to doctors, specialists, hospitals, lawyers and interpreters
  • Arrangement for bail bonds, travel assistance for loss of passport, embassy referral, medical evacuation / repatriation of patients, repatriation of mortal remains, despatch of doctors / medicines, compassionate visits, accompanied return of dependent children and hospital deposit guarantees.

You will need to pay for the expenses incurred for the services that are not covered under your travel insurance.

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