Our Commitment To Data Privacy

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Name, address, email address, telephone number, age, date of birth, gender, marital status, employment status information, nationality, residency and/or citizenship status

Family member, beneficiary, joint policy holder, insured person, beneficial owner, payor

Health status, medical examination results, medical report, injury or disability information, medical procedures performed, personal habits (e.g. smoking or alcohol consumption) and medical history

Income (e.g. salary, other income), assets (e.g. savings, properties), liabilities, spending (e.g. expenditures), credit card information (e.g. card number, credit payment information), tax information, bank account information (e.g. account number, your statements and account details), shareholding information (if you are a shareholder of Income Insurance)

NRIC number, Passport details, FIN number, birth certificate, driving license, work permit, employment pass, vehicle registration number

  • Records of voice and contact information when you use our customer enquiry services or speak to us via phone call
  • Records of your mobile phone location data , IP address and MAC address when you use our online or mobile app services
  • Analysis of data relating to marketing of our products and services to you
  • Personal opinion provided by you
  • Usage of our products and services
  • Previous insurance and claims experience
  • Employment information
  • Driving records / Data Global Position System (GPS) data from vehicle location tracking
  • Travel arrangements
  • Lifestyle or social circumstances
  • Biometric identifiers/data
  • Information relating to insurance risk, pricing, claims history, medical information, financial situation / history instances of suspected fraud and usage history
  • Demographic information, credit information, marketing lists, and publicly available information that could help us to improve the relevance of our products and services
  • Information about you and our customers gained from analyzing or profiling of other information collected
  • Third party transactions; such as where a person other than the account holder uses the service, information about that person and the transaction