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Please note that only ElderShield policyholders may apply for this plan.

Here’s what you get with PrimeShield.

Here’s how PrimeShield gives you additional protection.

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You will receive a monthly disability benefit for life (less any payment under your ElderShield plan) and a one-time lump sum payout equivalent to three times your monthly disability benefit if you are severely disabled.
If your child is under 21 years old and you become severely disabled, we pay an additional 25% of the monthly disability benefit for up to 36 months in your lifetime.
You will receive a one-time payout equivalent to three times your monthly disability benefit if you recover from the severe disability.
We give a one-time payout equivalent to three times your monthly disability benefit in the event of death while receiving the monthly disability benefit under this policy.

How much you need to pay.

Yearly premiums for PrimeShield are non-guaranteed and may be reviewed from time to time. They are inclusive of GST and are based on your entry age (last birthday).

The payment period will depend on when your plan starts.

Entry age (last birthday) Premium payment period
41 – 46 Until the policy anniversary after your 65th birthday
47 – 64 20 years

View PrimeShield 300 premium rates

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PrimeShield is only available to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents, born in 1979 or earlier, with an existing Basic ElderShield plan.

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Here’s how PrimeShield works.

Ways to pay for PrimeShield.

Find out how you can make payment for your policy by choosing from the preferred methods below. For other accepted payment modes, you may get in touch with us through your preferred mode of contact at

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