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The Ministry of Health (MOH) has developed a Cancer Drug List (CDL) comprising clinically proven and more cost-effective cancer treatments. From 1 September 2022, MediShield Life (MSHL) and MediSave (MSV) will only cover treatments on the CDL. For all Integrated Shield Plans (IPs), the CDL will take effect from 1 April 2023, upon the renewal of your policy. Customers with riders can claim for selected cancer drug treatments beyond the CDL.

Upon renewal of your policy, the outpatient Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy benefit will be replaced with a new outpatient Cancer Drug Treatment benefit and Cancer Drug Services benefit:

  • Cancer Drug Treatment benefit – Only outpatient cancer drug treatments on the CDL will be claimable under your Policy, up to the treatment-specific benefit limits. Selected outpatient cancer drug treatments beyond the CDL will be claimable under riders. If you require cancer treatment following the changes, please consult your doctor early on whether your treatment is on the CDL.
  • Cancer Drug Services benefit – Services that are part of any outpatient cancer drug treatment (including services for treatments not on the CDL), such as consultations, scans, lab investigations, treatment preparation and administration, supportive care drugs and blood transfusions, will be claimable under the Cancer Drug Services benefit, up to specified benefit limits.

We will also be introducing a new Additional Cancer Drug Treatment benefit for your rider from 1 April 2023 to supplement your coverage on outpatient cancer drug treatments:

  • Additional Cancer Drug Treatment benefit – Outpatient cancer drug treatments on the CDL, and non-CDL treatments under drug classes A to E, will be claimable under your rider, up to the treatment-specific benefit limits for CDL treatments and monthly limits for non-CDL treatments. A co-payment is payable for each claim, and it will vary according to the type of cancer drug treatment.

On CDL: For outpatient cancer drug treatments on the CDL, the rider benefit limit will be an additional 200% of your respective Policy benefit limit on Cancer Drug Treatment. This rider benefit limit will be on top of your respective Policy benefit limit on Cancer Drug Treatment. The co-payment based on your rider will apply. For treatment provided by our panel or extended panel, the co-payment limit will be up to $3,000 for each policy year. 

On non-CDL under drug classes from A to E: For outpatient cancer drug treatments classified as non-CDL under drug classes A to E, the rider benefit limit will be up to $15,000 (each month), according to your respective Policy. The co-payment based on your rider will apply and it will not have any co-payment limit.

Click here to view the Policy and rider benefit limits and coverage under each of the above benefits.

To view a sample of our one time communication letter for Enhanced IncomeShield and Deluxe Care Rider, click here; for Enhanced IncomeShield and Classic Care Rider, click here.

For more information, please read our FAQs here.

From 1 Sep 2022, MediShield Life will shift to cover a Cancer Drug List (CDL) of clinically proven and more cost-effective outpatient cancer drug treatments. This will help ensure greater affordability of cancer treatments and insurance in the longer term.

Prior to 1 Sep 2022, patients could claim up to $3,000 per month under MediShield Life for all outpatient cancer drug treatments and related services. From 1 Sep 2022, the claim limits will range from $200 to $9,600 per month depending on the cancer drug treatment. An additional $3,600 per year is claimable for cancer drug services.

All Integrated Shield Plans (IPs) will also follow the CDL and introduce claim limits, when policyholders purchase or renew their policies from 1 April 2023. IPs will not cover treatments not on the CDL. Riders will cover selected treatments not on the CDL, to varying extents. More details on IP and rider coverage of cancer drug treatments and services have been shared with policyholders in end 2022.

For more information, visit MOH’s website here.

As our borders progressively reopen to permit international travel, MOH is allowing Singapore Citizens and PRs who travel out of Singapore to claim for inpatient COVID-19 treatment from MediShield Life and Integrated Shield Plans on or after 20 Oct 2020, should they experience onset of COVID-19 symptoms within 14 days of their return to Singapore.

To support COVID-19 vaccination in Singapore, all IncomeShield plans will cover hospitalisation due to COVID-19 vaccination if it becomes necessary. The COVID-19 vaccination must be:

i. Approved by the Health Sciences Authority and administered in Singapore; or

ii. Approved under the Special Access Route and approved by the World Health Organisation under its Emergency Use Listing, where the use of such vaccines should be in line with its accompanying guidelines and recommended use, and administered by approved providers licensed by the Ministry of Health.

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