We have enhanced our PA Assurance plans’ benefits with added coverage against COVID-19. The benefits will be extended to two Income PA plans - PA Assurance with Infectious Disease cover and Personal Accident Infectious Disease policy until 31 December 2020.

PA Assurance policyholders who do not have an Infectious Disease cover can also apply for an upgrade of your plan. Learn more at income.com.sg/pa-covid19.

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For a more detailed look at what you are covered for, you may view the full coverage table here.

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How much you need to pay.

Premium rates are based on your occupation class.
Group A Professions or occupations of professional, administrative, managerial or clerical nature or occupations of outdoor nature or involving light manual work without the use of tools or machinery.
Examples: Admin executive, auditor, lawyers, salespersons, managers, homemakers, domestic helpers, students, doctors, teachers, insurance agents, waiters, retailers etc.
Group B Professions or occupations involving manual work with the use of tools or machinery or uniform professions involving security or defence work or whose work environment is in high altitude or of hazardous nature.
Examples: Hawkers, cooks, drivers, painters, fitness/gym trainers, despatch, construction workers, commercial airline crews, national servicemen, policemen, prison wardens, steermen, security guards, carpenters, technicians, mechanics, veterinary surgeons, paramedics, life guards etc.
Occupation type Yearly premium
Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3 Plan 4
Group A $198 $417 $730 $950
Group B $428 $779 $1,235 $1,900
Occupation type Monthly premium
Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3 Plan 4
Group A $17.24 $36.32 $63.57 $82.73
Group B $37.27 $67.84 $107.55 $165.45
Premium rates are inclusive of 7% GST, non-guaranteed and may be reviewed from time to time.
Occupation type Yearly premium
Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3 Plan 4
Group A $217 $480 $840 $1,092
Group B $492 $895 $1,420 $2,185
Occupation type Monthly premium
Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3 Plan 4
Group A $18.90 $41.80 $73.15 $95.09
Group B $42.84 $77.94 $123.66 $190.28
Premium rates are inclusive of 7% GST, non-guaranteed and may be reviewed from time to time.

If you are interested in plans 3 and 4, you can choose to contact your insurance adviser or call our hotline number to find out more.
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Your policy toolkit.

You must

    • Be holding a valid Singapore identification document (NRIC, student pass, work pass),
    • Be living or working in Singapore, or away from Singapore for no more than 180 days at any one time, and
    • Be between 15 days old and 65 years old

You can make your premium payments yearly.

Your queries answered.

Yes, you will be covered during your reservist training without any additional premium. You will be covered for any accident incurred during your reservist training if it is undertaken as peacetime military training.

Yes, we will pay for the medical expenses incurred at a Chinese medicine practitioner or chiropractor due to injury as long as they are registered and have a valid practicing certificate. We will pay up to the benefit limit for your plan or up to a period of 12 months from the date of accident, whichever comes first.

List of  registered Chinese medicine practitioners (http://www.healthprofessionals.gov.sg/tcmpb/en).

We will pay the lower of either your basic weekly salary or the cash benefit as stated in the table of cover of your plan, up to 104 consecutive weeks, if you are temporarily disabled from engaging in any occupation for more than seven consecutive days. This is provided that the date of your first medical consultation or treatment is not more than seven days from the date of accident.

For example, we will only pay under this section for one week (i.e. seven days) if the insured submits a Weekly cash benefit claim for temporary disablement for 10 days.

This policy will cover the ambulance charges for transportation to a hospital due to an accident. It does not cover any other types of transportation costs.

No, we will only pay if the mobility aids are necessary for your mobility needed after suffering an injury due to accident and are prescribed by a medical practitioner.

Yes, you are covered for bodily injury, and even death, resulting from food poisoning.

Yes, you are covered against bodily injury and death while riding a motorcycle as a rider or a pillion rider at no additional premium. This is provided that you are not engaging in or practicing for racing and hill climbing contests, reliability trials and speed or duration testing.

Yes, you will be covered while you are overseas for a period of 180 days from the day of departure from Singapore only. You will not be covered from the 181th day onwards till your return to Singapore.

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