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Here's what you get with DrivoTM Car Insurance

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How we are different from the rest.

We’re here to assist every step of the way with our value-added services.

Orange force logo
Orange Force
Get roadside assistance from our 24/7 accident response team anywhere in Singapore.
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Motor Service Centre
Your one-stop solution for accident reporting and reliable vehicle repairs.
Accident Reporting
Submit an accident report from our mobile app anytime, anywhere.

Here’s how DrivoTM Car Insurance protects you. 

CoverageAmount you are covered for (Maximum benefit limit) 
Loss or damage to your vehicle from accidental causes or by fire or theftMarket value at the time of loss or damage 
Damage to third party property$5,000,000
Personal accident benefits $50,000
Towing service$500

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Drive Master™

Up to 64% discount on DrivoTM when you practice good driving behaviour. 

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