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Drive Master uses telematics innovation through a smartphone application to track driving behaviours. Those who meet the score of 70 and above will enjoy a premium discount. There will not be any discount for those who score below 70, nor will there be any penalty.

You can:
• download and install Drive Master via App Store or Google Play,
• complete the registration through the app and start driving.

To qualify for the discount at your next insurance renewal, we will need to track your driving behaviours for two consecutive months, with a minimum mileage of 1,000 km. This means that you will need at least a validity of four months in your existing motor policy with Income to qualify for the tracking. This is to ensure that the two-month tracking is completed before you receive the notice for renewal which is typically sent to you two months prior to your policy's due date.

You can:
• download and install Drive Master via App Store or Google Play,
• complete the registration through the app and start driving.

Upon registration, you may try out Drive Master for two consecutive months with a minimum mileage of 1,000 km from your first sign in. The Drive Master discount will be applied to your premium immediately, if you are eligible, should you decide to insure your private car with Income after the two-month trial.

You may choose to insure your vehicle with Income through your insurance adviser. Alternatively, please contact our customer service officer at 6789 9595 or visit our website

Drive Master is a private car insurance scheme that rewards drivers for good driving behaviors. It uses a smart-phone application that automatically tracks the driving behaviours of private car owners whenever they start their trips. Users are given a score based on these criteria - speed, manoeuvres, drive time and mileage. They will enjoy a premium discount based on the scores attained below:

Driving Score Premium Discount
Above 95 25%
91 - 95 20%
81 - 90 15%
70 - 80 10%

Income is constantly looking to steer and focus business innovations to improve the accessibility and delivery of insurance to customers to enhance their experience with insurance.

Drive Master is one such innovation which rewards good driving behaviours by leveraging technology to measure and manage risks. It redefines motor insurance in Singapore through better customised design and pricing for customers.

This means that private car owners can now influence the motor insurance premiums they pay according to how they drive. We believe this will enhance road safety at the same time.

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