Here’s some key features of our product:

A quick overview of our plan’s coverage

Benefits Coverage
Premiums (GST is exempted) 14 months
SGD 95.00

26 months
SGD 115.00
Payment Frequency One-time payment
Bond Period 14 or 26 months depending on the In-Principal Approval issued.
Refund Premium No refund or cancellation midway during the bond period.
Guarantee Sum per Foreign Worker Per worker

Max limit per insured
Information required for submission
  • UEN Number
  • Work permit number stated in In-principal Approval
  • Bond Period – no back-dating is allowed

Looking for insurance to provide your foreign worker employees a 24-hour coverage against death and accidents? Learn more about our Foreign Workers Medical Insurance.

Who requires Foreign Worker Security Bond?

All industries except following registered activities :-
• 301xx – Building and repairing of ships and boats
• 4329x – Other construction installation
• 41001  - General contractors (building construction including major upgrading works)
• 41009 – Building construction N.E.C

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