Hacks For Frequent Fliers with Medical Conditions

By Rupika Sharma, 12 May 2018 9429


Is travelling a frequent affair for you? If you are one of those lucky ones with lots of frequent fliermiles, here’s some reasons why you should consider getting an annual travel insurance plan.
Single trip insurance plans suit those who travel less, but for frequent fliers who travel multiple times in a year, annual travel insurance plans can be a better choice as they are cheaper than buying multiple single plans. They will also cover you in cases where you forget to purchase travel insurance because you don’t have to activate the travel insurance plan before your next holiday. 

Is Travel Insurance Necessary?

While jetting off from one place to another, you might encounter problems such as cancelled or delayed flights, lost luggage, or medical issues.
In the case of unforeseen circumstances, you may have to cancel the trip and face major losses in the form of non-refundable transportation expenses and accommodation costs. In the case of medical situations, you may have to pay for them out of your own pocket.
Travel insurance ensures that you’re well covered for these unforeseen situations.

Annual Travel Insurance with Pre-existing Medical Conditions

For travellers with existing medical conditions, you are not being forgotten because Income offers Enhanced PreX travel insurance plans that covers claims resulting from pre-existing medical conditions. 

What Is A Pre-existing Medical Condition?

  • Any injury or sickness you were aware of before buying your travel insurance
Some common examples of pre-existing medical conditions are asthma, eczema, heart attack, stroke, hypertension and diabetes. Find out more about pre-existing medical conditions here

Tips to Select The Best Travel Insurance

Generally, most insurance companies don’t cover claims arising from pre-existing medical conditions. However, Income offers travel insurance plans that cover your pre-existing medical conditions for both single trips and yearly plans - Enhanced PreX Basic, Enhanced PreX Superior and Enhanced PreX Prestige.
It’s important to hunt down the best travel insurance that fulfills your travelling needs.
Here are few things to check out while buying an insurance plan for pre-existing medical condition(s):
  • Pre-existing medical conditions - Check if they offer coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, which include any pre-existing injury or sickness that you were aware of before your travel period.
  • Different Plans – You should have flexibility in choosing the level of coverage that suits your needs. Depending on how frequently you travel, you can opt for travel insurance suited for a single trip or a yearly coverage.
  • Trip Cancellation – Make sure that you are covered in the event that you have to postpone, cancel or shorten your trip due to a relapse of pre-existing medical conditions. Income’s Enhanced PreX Superior and Enhanced PreX Prestige plans cover you in the event that you have to make changes or cancel your holiday plans due to your pre-existing medical conditions, subject to 50% co-payment.
  • Overseas Medical Expenses – If you need a specialist for a serious illness or any professional treatment to recover during your overseas travel, then you might need to be referred to a specialist by a general practitioner. Income’s Enhanced PreX plans cover overseas medical expenses incurred by specialists when the treatment is considered necessary, and when the patient has been referred to a specialist by a general practitioner, ensuring that you get the best care you need.
  • Travel Companion With Pre-existing Medical Condition – If you’re travelling with a friend who has pre-existing medical conditions and both of you are covered under Income’s Enhanced PreX Superior or Prestige Plan. Here’s an additional feature that would be beneficial for you.
In the event that either you or your friend suffers from an unfortunate relapse, both of you can make claims related to trip changes and cancellation.

Questions To Ask While Buying Travel Insurance Plans

Make sure to do your research and approach your your insurance company regarding their terms and conditions and plan costs. Remember to purchase your travel insurance plan right after you have booked your air tickets. Acquaint yourself with all the details and don’t hesitate to ask questions!

Will I Get Automatic Extension For Delays?

Ask the company from which you want to purchase travel insurance about this clause. Some companies offer a few days’extension with no charges if you get delayed overseas. If you have Income’s Travel Insurance plans, Income will automatically extend your policy for the first 14 days at no extra charge if the cause of your delayed return is not you, or if you have to stay in the hospital overseas.

What Is The Emergency Hotline In The Event Of Medical Emergency?

Income provides a 24 hour helpline from anywhere in the world - just for our travel policyholders. Store this number in your phone, or write it down and keep it in your wallet in the event that you are stuck in a location and require assistance.

Bottom Line

Having a pre-existing medical condition doesn’t mean that you can’t explore the world with a peace of mind. Opt for a travel insurance plan that covers your pre-existing medical conditions to enjoy adequate coverage for medical expenses if the need arises during your trip. If you’re a frequent flier, do consider getting Income’s yearly Enhanced PreX travel insurance plan for ease of convenience. Happy flying!

Important Notes:
This article is meant purely for informational purposes and should not be relied upon as financial advice. The precise terms, conditions and exclusions of any Income products mentioned are specified in their respective policy contracts. For customised advice to suit your specific needs, consult an Income insurance advisor.