5 Wellness Tips on how to keep healthy on a holiday

By Contributing Author, 18 June 2018 7415

After working so hard for months, you are finally looking forward to sightseeing, feasting and merry-making in a different land.

Our holidays always leave us with full hearts and happy memories. We always make the best plans to ensure that our time and money is well spent. But, do we cover it all? Have you factored in jet lag, or the depressing weight gain after each trip? We have some simple tips on how to maintain yourself in good shape while immersing yourself fully into your new destination so that you come home with 100% satisfaction. 

1.  Do simple workouts in your room after check-in.

Fatigue from jet lag is an inevitable part of modern travel. The human body has to adjust to the amount of time spent in the confined spaces - sharing the same space with hundreds of people in the same high-pressure cabin while flying for hours at tens of thousands of feet above the ground.

Besides fatigue, your blood circulation is also compromised from spending the majority of flight time in a fixed position on your seat. As a result, you may feel achy and tired even though you've been seated for hours.

These simple exercises are what you can do to shake off the immediate effects of air travel. They can be done at the comfort of your hotel room and do not require any gym equipment for you to get going.

a. Triceps Dips

Sit on a chair or sofa and balance on your arms, moving your backside in front of the step with legs bent. Bend the elbows and lower into a dip, keeping the shoulders down, until your elbows are at 90 degrees. Push yourself back up, keeping your hips very close to the chair the entire time. Repeat this movement for between 30 seconds to a minute.

b.  Back Extensions

Lie face-down on a mat and place your hands behind your head. Squeeze your back to lift your chest a few inches off the floor. Lower and repeat for between 30 seconds to a minute.

c.  Squats

Begin with your feet hip-width apart. Bend your knees and lower into a squat, going as low as you can while keeping your back straight, with your knees bent at 90 degrees during the squat. Repeat, doing as many repetitions as possible between 30 seconds to a minute.

2.  Keep calm and kick breakfast cravings.

"Feed me!" Oh, the cry of the delicacies on the buffet table greets you the moment you enter the restaurant for your first vacation breakfast. You may be tempted to reach out for almost everything that you have set your eyes on at first sight.

Don't dive headlong into the long piles of food at the first go. Take deep breaths before grabbing a plate. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing for 30 seconds.

By the time you are done with this little pre-meal exercise, you would have thought twice and considered a healthier option instead.

3. Make Recovery Part of Your Holiday Fitness Gameplan.

Vacationing is the most opportune moment to discover your true self, one that exists without the stresses and chores of daily life, and quality rest is a critical part of this self-discovery experience. Hence, it is also the best moment for quality sleep before you get back to your daily grind.

The new bed in your hotel room provides a breath of fresh air from the bed you have been sleeping in at home – and detaches you physically and psychological from the stresses of home.

While you may be tempted to stay out late and take in all the sights, remember what your vacation was for - to rest! What are you waiting for? It's time to get comfortable and get some shut-eye!

4.  Pound your feet on new terrains.

Instead of zipping around on vehicles, why not take a stroll in your new environment as you physically immerse yourself into the scenery and local culture at your destination?

Walking for a distance allows you to take in the sights that you might have otherwise missed while whizzing past inside a vehicle. Moreover, it is an easy exercise for all, regardless of age and fitness levels.

By experiencing the fun and quirks along the path with strangers and fellow tourists, you become richer in your physical and emotional health. After all, what is a vacation without new experiences in your life story?

5. Slow and Steady Wins the Fitness Game Abroad.

For those who have been on tour groups, holiday programmes may appear to be a substitute for the fast-paced grind back home.

Instead of zipping through several tourist destinations and feeling burnt out, embark on slow travel instead.

Taking your own time in your travels allows you immerse yourself into the local culture and form a stronger emotional bond with it. It also provides much-welcomed respite as your eyes, mind and body ease into a new environment.
With these tips, you can be sure of an enjoyable yet stress-free vacation without compromising on your health.

And no, you don't necessarily need to hit the hotel gym just to get your butt going. Soaking into your new destination is a wonderful and equally healthy alternative.

As much as fitness is important, it’s equally important to have peace of mind to fully enjoy your holiday. Income’s Travel Insurance covers you for your travels, and you can get help 24/7 via Income’s 24 hour hotline for medical emergencies.  We hope the pointers have been helpful as you prepare for your next getaway.


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