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07 August 2020 309

The Travel Lover’s Guide to Buying Travel Insurance in Singapore

Here is a simplified guide for all travel lover's on buying travel insurance. 

19 June 2020 718

Weekend Getaways with the Family: 6 Affordable, Family-friendly Destinatio...

If you want to go on a quick family getaway without breaking the bank, check out these easy tr...

08 June 2020 1552

Malaysia: 5 Off the Beaten Path Places for Your Next Trip

Planning your next holiday?  Why not try one of these off-the-beaten-path destinations in Ma...

21 February 2020 4208

The Ultimate Guide to Driving Up To Malaysia

Planning a road trip to Malaysia? We share tips and places to go on your next road trip. 

06 June 2019 1039

Indonesia's Best Kept Secret: Belitung Island

If you're looking for a beach getaway, minus the throngs of tourists, Belitung could be the p...

12 November 2018 7413

Unique Asian Destinations For December Getaways

Ready to discover your new favourite Asian cities? Let’s get flying!

05 November 2018 1451

The natural beauty of Krabi and Khanom

Break away from the island hopping crowd and see what natural beauty both Krabi and Khanom have t...

29 September 2018 1466

The Best Places in Southeast Asia for Travellers on a Budget

Explore the richness of Southeast Asia, even if you're travelling on a budget.

26 September 2018 1021

Essential Tips for First-Time Backpackers to Vietnam

Heading to Vietnam? This country offers not only a great variety of spots for all kinds of backpa...

27 July 2018 5732

Bali Travel Guide: Get Lost In Beach Paradise With The Best Of Bali Attrac...

Essential Bali Travel tips – What to do and where to go in Bali

24 July 2018 2201

Up Close With Whale Sharks and Manta Rays In The Maldives

With only 1% above land, discover the waters of Maldives in your next travels. 

05 April 2018 1997

Affordable Wellness Locations: Thailand

Pamper yourself, rejuvenate your senses and dive deeper into your healing journey at Banpu Resort...

19 March 2018 1739

Affordable Wellness Locations: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Looking to unwind closer to home? Immerse in the beauty of Kuala Lumpur’s Chateau Spa and O...

05 March 2018 3088

Top 5 Affordable Wellness Centers In SEA For Peaceful Getaway – Bali, Indo...

Bringing you 2 wellness centres in Bali, Indonesia - Mondo Surf & Lifestyle Village Pere...

05 March 2018 2524

Top 5 Affordable Wellness Centers In SEA For Peaceful Getaway – Cambodia

Featuring Hariharalaya Retreat Center Siem Reap, Cambodia.

26 January 2018 1397

The Top Healthy Vegan Cafes in Taipei

Yes, raw vegans can have their unbaked cake and eat it too, even when they travel. Check out the ...

25 January 2018 16517

Guide to Survive (and actually enjoy) a family trip

You’re all set to take a vacation after clocking 50-hour work weeks for way too long.  ...

11 January 2018 11180

5 Romantic Couple Getaways in Southeast Asia that do not Break the Bank

Romantic holidays tend to be associated with expensive countries far away from home. However, the...

27 September 2017 916

Eco-travelling in Ubud, Indonesia

Live the green life in Ubud, Bali’s heart centre and creative hub for sustainability.

24 September 2017 28310

5 tips to prepare for Malaysia causeway jams

Crossing the border into Malaysia can be a stressful experience. So follow these expert tips to t...

27 August 2017 2606

7 Most Instaworthy Locations

If you didn't put it on Instagram, did it really happen? Of course, but snapping a few pic...

30 May 2017 1689

5 Best food in South Korea!

Whether it’s because you’ve seen your favourite idols wolfing down that Budae Jjigae ...

24 April 2017 1685

5 places in Asia to Shop till You Drop

"Shopping is actually very similar to farming a field. You can't keep buying the same th...

24 April 2017 4555

Your next Weekend Getaway!

It's 5.59pm on Friday, and you're furiously typing the last sentence of your report. Your...

17 April 2017 1455

5 Tips for Travelling to Hong Kong

What time is it? Summertime! While Singapore may be the tropical equivalent of Arendelle in Disne...

09 March 2017 2640

The Best Things To Do in Bangkok with Kids

To escape the bustle of school and work, Bangkok is a perfect paradise that has always been a fav...

26 October 2016 1165

9 Obligatory Stops in Bangkok Within 24 hours

There's much to see and do in the Land of Smiles. Thailand's capital city is famed for it...