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8 Important Interview Questions when Hiring a Domestic Helper in Singapore

  • May 07, 2024
  • 1 mins
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Choosing a domestic helper is necessary for most Singaporean homes as homegrown helpers are compulsory in caring for family tasks and incidents. Conducting interviews is essential to guarantee that the chosen applicant has the skills to match the family’s needs.

This guide offers eight essential interview questions for hiring a domestic helper to help you make better choices. They are intended to evaluate a candidate's capacities, reasonableness, and obligation to the job to provide a uniform and productive recruiting process for both the employer and the domestic helper.

This question delves into the domestic helper’s experience, including past cleaning roles and responsibilities. Understanding their past experiences is key to determining their suitability as a domestic helper in your household as it provides insight into their comfort level with household tasks such as taking care of children, cooking, and maintaining cleanliness.

Reviewing previous employment records and obtaining references offers valuable insights into the candidate's capabilities and how they managed relationships and tasks in their previous work environment. This lets the employer asses their adaptability to different home environments and problem-solving abilities, which is crucial for the role.

This question aims to assess the candidate’s proficiency in performing various household chores such as cooking, cleaning, washing, elderly care, and childcare. Understanding the domestic helper’s skillsets allows you to match them with the family’s needs, which indicates that they are likely able to adapt to changing household demands.

During the interview, you want to assess the candidate’s critical thinking, problem-solving, and interpersonal abilities based on how they handle different scenarios, with situational questions playing a key role in evaluating their problem-solving abilities. Their capacity to resolve conflicts provides valuable insight into their capability to maintain harmony in the household.

Ultimately, a domestic helper’s responses reflect their aptitude for building a trustworthy relationship. Observing the candidate's body language during the interview is also crucial, as it offers additional insights into their suitability for the role beyond their experience and qualifications.

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Assessing a candidate's willingness to adhere to guidelines is also important. Asking about their agreement with rules gauges adaptability and compatibility. This approach ensures the domestic helper can perform efficiently and aligns with the family's needs, enabling the employer to determine their suitability for the role.

This question will evaluate the candidate's commitment to maintaining a safe and clean home. Understanding their grasp of hygiene practices, food safety, and disinfection methods helps gauge their awareness of potential risks and dedication to ensuring a secure environment for families. It enhances the likelihood of hiring a competent house helper.

Exploring a candidate's motivations helps the employer to get a sense of the candidate’s enthusiasm, commitment, and seriousness. It reveals their perspective, desire to contribute positively, and likelihood of long-term commitment. 

This assesses the candidate's commitment to growth and acquiring new skills. A domestic helper's receptiveness to new experiences indicates their dedication to continuous improvement.

In domestic helper interviews, the candidate is asked about their current responsibilities and constraints to help the employer better understand their availability and raise any potential conflicts. Understanding their family duties or other commitments helps set realistic expectations for the employer. Consider conducting interviews through phone or video calls when in-person meetings are not feasible.

Clarifying availability and limitations streamlines labour planning for successful integration into the household. Ensuring the welfare of domestic helpers also includes providing them with the necessary insurance coverage.

Income Insurance’s domestic helper insurance offers comprehensive protection that safeguards employers and their helpers.

Conducting a thorough job interview to hire a domestic helper in Singapore is essential for a smoother hiring process and to assess their fit for your household's specific needs. These questions enable employers to properly evaluate applicants based on their qualifications, background, and suitability for the demands of the home. By conducting thorough interviews, employers may make well-informed decisions that foster a peaceful workplace and a pleasant living environment.

Prioritising commitment to ethical standards and legal requirements is also crucial throughout the employment process. This guarantees fair treatment, rights preservation, and respect for one another between employers and employees. Domestic helpers may have diverse responsibilities, ranging from childcare to looking after an elderly family member. This underscores the need for clear communication and understanding of these roles during the hiring process.

Maintaining these guidelines promotes a polite and encouraging work environment for domestic helpers in Singapore and preserves the integrity of the recruiting process.


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