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21 November 2021 358

Status of Leisure Travel from Singapore Explained

With the VTL arrangement in place, how can we travel freely again? Find out more in this article.

19 June 2020 190

Weekend Getaways with the Family: 6 Affordable, Family-friendly Destinatio...

If you want to go on a quick family getaway without breaking the bank, check out these easy tr...

17 June 2020 175

Why Your Credit Card’s Free Travel Insurance Is Not Enough

Here's why free travel insurance from your credit card is not enough.

08 June 2020 191

Malaysia: 5 Off the Beaten Path Places for Your Next Trip

Planning your next holiday?  Why not try one of these off-the-beaten-path destinations in Ma...

21 February 2020 449

The Ultimate Guide to Driving Up To Malaysia

Planning a road trip to Malaysia? We share tips and places to go on your next road trip. 

05 November 2019 6137

Why Travel Insurance Is Best Bought Early

When is the best time to buy travel insurance? As early as you can. Here's why.

05 November 2019 4275

Long Weekends 2020: What to Do and Where to Go

Here's how to maximise your leave next year, plus some inspiration to get your travel plans g...

23 August 2019 3806

Zermatt: Impossibly Scenic Landscapes in the Swiss Alps

If you're looking for car-free, alpine beauty, this might be just the place for you.

03 May 2019 2236

5 Things I Learnt Travelling With My Family

Our writer shares 5 things he learnt while travelling with his family when he was younger. <...

06 April 2019 997

What Travelling With My Young Kids Taught Me

Before kids, my husband and I loved travelling. Two kids later, we’ve discovered that trave...

19 March 2019 2050

6 Reasons Why Travel Insurance Is A Must-Have For Travel With Kids

What's that saying about the best laid plans always going awry? When you're travelling wi...

19 March 2019 7431

6 Tips for Travelling with Teens

If you have teens at home, you’ll know that have their own ideas of what’s fun and wo...

08 March 2019 13804

The 5 Best Trips To Show Your Kids Some Culture

Fun and inspiring trips to immerse your kids in different cultures and create special family memo...

27 December 2018 7255

5 Travel Adventures That Will Change Your Views On Life

For those of you who are looking for new travel adventures, here are five travel adventures recom...

12 November 2018 7504

Unique Asian Destinations For December Getaways

Ready to discover your new favourite Asian cities? Let’s get flying!

03 September 2020 2712

Flight Delays, Trip Cancellations, or Postponements: Will Your Travel Insu...

Under what circumstances will you get your travel insurance claim accepted if your trip is can...

05 November 2018 3532

The natural beauty of Krabi and Khanom

Break away from the island hopping crowd and see what natural beauty both Krabi and Khanom have t...

11 October 2018 2314

Five Fun Ways to Save Up for That Next Big Trip!

Think saving up for vacation is difficult and impossible? Not with these tips!

29 September 2018 1180

The Best Places in Southeast Asia for Travellers on a Budget

Explore the richness of Southeast Asia, even if you're travelling on a budget.

29 September 2018 4206

5 Tips to Travel in Winter to London

Whether you're an Instagrammer, serial shopper or adventure seeker, your winter trip to Londo...

12 September 2018 5819

Top 5 Practical Tips for Travellers going to Egypt (2018 Edition)

For those who are still considering whether Egypt should be the next on your travel bucket list, ...

24 July 2018 4600

Up Close With Whale Sharks and Manta Rays In The Maldives

With only 1% above land, discover the waters of Maldives in your next travels. 

19 July 2018 1644

Europe Travels: A Complete Guide For Backpacking In Berlin

Covering the best destinations, accommodation and transport for Berlin.

12 July 2018 1727

Unusual Colourful Beaches Around The World

Why settle for lounging on a white sand beach when you could be hanging out on a much more intere...

06 July 2018 5328

How To Make The Most Of 2019's Public Holidays

​Planning can maximize the travelling you can do with the least number of off days from work.

18 June 2018 7599

5 Wellness Tips on how to keep healthy on a holiday

Enjoy a stress-free vacation while still achieving those fitness goals

10 June 2018 4547

Travelling Solo? Here are Safety Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

Some practical tips to help any solo traveller ensure their safety when along on the road.

04 June 2018 6478

6 Reasons Why You Should Travel as a Couple

This travel blogging Singaporean couple explains how traveling together has helped their relation...

25 May 2018 3179

5 reasons to ditch that checklist and be a true traveller

The Art of Not Planning: Why Spontaneous Travel is the Best Kind of Travel

17 May 2018 4677

Overnight train travel across the scenic highlands of Scotland

Embracing the romance of train travel as one woman takes the overnight train the scenic highlands...

12 May 2018 9605

Hacks For Frequent Fliers with Medical Conditions

Read the recommendations from industry experts to select the best insurance plans for pre-medical...

03 May 2018 5966

5 Sights to see in Peru besides Machu Picchu

Make some time to check out some of these other equally amazing sights in Peru that will blow you...

24 April 2018 2783

Your One-Stop Guide to Understanding Travel VISAs

Travel VISA applications may be a hassle to many of us, but don't let them stop you from goin...

12 April 2018 5816

3 Ways to Exchange Your Currency Online

Exchanging your currency can be a hassle, but these three online alternatives may help with your ...

05 April 2018 3841

Affordable Wellness Locations: Thailand

Pamper yourself, rejuvenate your senses and dive deeper into your healing journey at Banpu Resort...

19 March 2018 3675

Affordable Wellness Locations: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Looking to unwind closer to home? Immerse in the beauty of Kuala Lumpur’s Chateau Spa and O...

05 March 2018 5206

Top 5 Affordable Wellness Centers In SEA For Peaceful Getaway – Bali, Indo...

Bringing you 2 wellness centres in Bali, Indonesia - Mondo Surf & Lifestyle Village Pere...

05 March 2018 4649

Top 5 Affordable Wellness Centers In SEA For Peaceful Getaway – Cambodia

Featuring Hariharalaya Retreat Center Siem Reap, Cambodia.

23 February 2018 2244

Travel Hack: An Insider’s Guide To Hotel Upgrades

Insider tips by the experts for snagging a premium room and extra perks without pinching your poc...

23 February 2018 5305

Travel Hack: An Insider’s Guide To Airline Upgrades

Read about the perks of airline upgrades and our tips on how to secure them. Check out flight upg...

02 February 2018 6047

Amazing sights in Bosnia and Herzegovina not to overlook

The 1990s were a tough time for Bosnia and Herzegovina, but this Balkan nation has many surprises...

30 January 2018 3378

Animal Encounters and other Adventures in Kenya

Wildlife experiences are an integral part of any trip to Kenya, but are you prepared for the othe...

26 January 2018 3088

The Top Healthy Vegan Cafes in Taipei

Yes, raw vegans can have their unbaked cake and eat it too, even when they travel. Check out the ...

25 January 2018 16394

Guide to Survive (and actually enjoy) a family trip

You’re all set to take a vacation after clocking 50-hour work weeks for way too long.  ...

15 December 2017 3920

Voluntourism: Tis the Season But Why Bother?

The Christmas season is often related to giving back to t...

23 November 2017 3966

3 Tips for your first Solo Travels

Nervous about going solo for the first time? You're not alone! Here are 3 tips from someone w...

16 November 2017 1280

Egypt May Or May Not Be A Safe Country. Here’s Why You Should Visit It Any...

When you hear the word Egypt, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Chaos? Political tur...

15 November 2017 3037

Why you should rent a car for your next trip to Victoria, Australia

Take your next Aussie vacation up a notch by renting a car! Here’s how and why you should c...

14 November 2017 3465

The 6 Best Ski Locations in the World

If you're feeling the call of snow-capped mountains, use this guide to help you decide where ...

13 November 2017 4309

Best Places to Scuba Dive in the World

Exploring the magnificent underwater world by scuba diving is such a great experience. We've ...

03 November 2017 3126

How to avoid falling sick on vacation

Here's what happened when I lost my voice while travelling, and tips to help you stay healthy...

24 October 2017 6937

All The Things I’ve Lost While Travelling the World for 2 Years

Even as an experienced traveler, there are still some things that are beyond my control while tra...

04 October 2017 3723

How solo travel has made me a better person

Travelling alone can be scary, but who knew that it could also be good for you? Here's a stor...

27 September 2017 1867

Eco-travelling in Ubud, Indonesia

Live the green life in Ubud, Bali’s heart centre and creative hub for sustainability.

24 September 2017 30913

5 tips to prepare for Malaysia causeway jams

Crossing the border into Malaysia can be a stressful experience. So follow these expert tips to t...

27 August 2017 4762

7 Most Instaworthy Locations

If you didn't put it on Instagram, did it really happen? Of course, but snapping a few pic...

08 July 2017 2663

5 Wintery Adventures to go on in Victoria, Australia

Can't stand Singapore's erratic weather? Well, there's no better time than now to exp...

03 September 2020 39039

Travelling with Pre-Existing Medical Conditions: The Ultimate Guide

Learn everything you need to know about travelling with medical conditions like asthma or diabete...

30 May 2017 4154

5 Best food in South Korea!

Whether it’s because you’ve seen your favourite idols wolfing down that Budae Jjigae ...

22 May 2017 1583

Experiences to add to your Bucket List!

The off-the-beaten-path travel experience is one that's only rising in popularity, because tr...

24 April 2017 1468

How to be an Explorer of the World when Travelling with Kids

Travelling with children is no small matter. However, becoming a parent doesn't mean sacrific...

24 April 2017 3974

Retreat and Treat Yourself

If the word "retreat" for you has become synonymous with checking your texts and emails...

24 April 2017 3565

5 places in Asia to Shop till You Drop

"Shopping is actually very similar to farming a field. You can't keep buying the same th...

17 April 2017 1377

5 Tips for Travelling to Hong Kong

What time is it? Summertime! While Singapore may be the tropical equivalent of Arendelle in Disne...

09 March 2017 3042

The Best Things To Do in Bangkok with Kids

To escape the bustle of school and work, Bangkok is a perfect paradise that has always been a fav...

26 October 2016 46539

Going Overseas? Here are the 5 Best Money Changers in Singapore

You've booked your flights and accommodation, planned your itinerary and bought travel insura...

26 October 2016 3265

9 Obligatory Stops in Bangkok Within 24 hours

There's much to see and do in the Land of Smiles. Thailand's capital city is famed for it...

26 October 2016 3085

7 Unconventional Places to Include in Your Traveller’s Bucket List Now

We often travel to destinations with tried-and-tested itineraries. But this also takes away some ...

26 October 2016 2955

6 Places for an Unforgettable Tropical Christmas

Forgo those chilly snow activities! Get a sun-kissed tan instead with a tropical Christmas getawa...

21 April 2016 2657

Am I Buying The Right Travel Insurance?

Indulge your wanderlust with peace of mind.