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20 December 2019 7013

Should I Save or Invest?

Save for a rainy day? Or put towards investments for growth? We tell you when it's best to do...

26 August 2019 4046

Saving For Big Ticket Items - We Can Help!

Life's biggest purchases aren't that unachievable - it's just about making a plan and...

29 July 2019 1879

Is My Money Working Hard Enough in a Savings Account?

Should you leave your money in the bank? Or make it work harder somewhere else? We break it down.

15 June 2019 7591

How do you choose a savings plan that meets your needs?

Savings plans are not one-size-fits-all. It is important to choose a plan that meets your specifi...

15 November 2018 1046

Your dream life can come true with enough savings!

Follow Ai Swee on her path towards her dream lifestyle with Mr. Kiasu.

06 June 2016 1657

Keep Enough Cash for Unexpected Emergencies

An emergency fund to ensure you’re financially prepared for unexpected circumstances in lif...

19 April 2016 1549

Am I Too Young to Purchase an Endowment Plan?

What is a good endowment plan and when is the best time to get it?