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06 December 2021 11

3 Types of Self-Care to Make You a Happier Parent

Learn the three forms of self-care to keep yourself happy and healthy to give the best care to...

03 December 2021 10

3 Ways to Remain Close to Your Spouse After Having Kids

In the midst of raising kids, don’t forget to nurture your relationship with your spouse.

24 November 2021 122

3 Ways to Maintain Closeness with Your Adult Children

As children become adults, our role and expectations as parents must evolve to sustain a close...

12 November 2021 100

How to Mentally Prepare for the Day Your Child Leaves the Nest

Prepare yourself mentally and financially, as before you know it, your children will grow up and ...

09 September 2021 11129

4 Things I Stopped Spending On For My Child So I Can Plan My Retirement

I re-evaluated my household spends and stopped splurging on my children so I could prioritise ...

06 September 2021 267

5 Pieces of Advice From a Parent In Her 40s To Her Younger Self

Having kids doesn't mean you should forget yourself and your retirement plans. Check out our ...

28 June 2021 323

6 Fun Ideas To Bond With Your Teen

Teenage years can be challenging for parents. Try out these fun ways to bond with your teenagers!...

02 November 2020 6545

What Child Insurance Does Your Child Need In Singapore

Does your child need more than health insurance? Read on to see if basic health insurance is real...

01 October 2020 530

5 Ways to Unlocking Your Child’s Happiness

Give your child the happiness they deserve by doing these five things.

15 September 2020 2109

10 Best School Holiday Activities to Keep Your Kids Entertained at Home

The school holidays are fast approaching! Here are 10 fun activities to keep your kids busy at...

28 July 2021 19573

Practical NS tips to prepare you and your son for National Service

Here are some practical NS tips to prepare you and your son for National Service.

05 August 2020 1364

5 Intangible Gifts You Can Give Your Child on Children's Day

Skip the usual toys and consider giving your child truly meaningful gifts this Children’s D...

27 July 2020 931

7 Reasons Why It's Worth Investing In Your Child's CCA In Primary School

Don’t only focus on your child’s academics. Here’s why you should focus on thei...

31 January 2019 2069

How Much Allowance Should I Give My Child For Primary School?

Giving your child an allowance instills good money management habits early. Here are tips on how ...

20 November 2018 3240

Best Books for Your Child

Learn about the different types of books that are suitable for young children!

20 September 2018 903

Mum vs Dad: How do their parenting styles differ?

Parenting styles are never 100% in sync - Find out how Evelyn Wu and Shahnawaz Saleem resolv...

09 September 2021 12860

What Teens Really Need From Their Parents

Are parents spending too much on their teens’ education? Find out what teens need instead.&...

18 September 2018 5628

Positive Parenting Tips

Positive Parenting uses gentle guidance. The result? A closer parent-child relationship.

24 August 2018 38134

4 Things Your Young Kids Will Be Most Grateful For

Will Your Children Be Grateful to You?

24 August 2018 13814

Top 5 Gifts You Can Give Your Children

Here's a list to ensure your children thrive in every aspects of their lives.

24 August 2018 4183

How I Ensure My Child Has The Best Opportunities for His Dreams

4 simple things I did to ensure my child has a good headstart in life

17 April 2018 819

6 Environmentally-Friendly Actions for Kids

Going green starts young!

14 December 2017 2346

Good Teen Years – What You can do as Parents

Don’t worry as your kid transitions into his or her teenage years, here’s how you can...

06 November 2017 6027

6 ways to empower your teen daughter

As our society starts to shift towards a more equal playing field for women and girls, it's i...

06 November 2017 1642

4 Common Childhood Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Preventing the most common childhood ailments resulting from food poisoning to home hazards, whil...

15 October 2017 3054

How Monopoly taught my kids to be money savvy.

While it doesn't really matter which game you choose to play with your children, the most imp...

11 February 2021 28089

Childcare in Singapore 2021: Costs, Options and Subsidies for Working Pare...

Working parents have many childcare options to choose from. Find out what they are, how much chil...

25 September 2017 3288

What Is It Like Becoming A Mom?

It's not easy being a mum, let today be the day that you start enjoying your own motherhood j...

19 July 2017 1783

Healthy child, strong mind: 5 ways parents can encourage active living in ...

Small changes you can make today to prepare for your child's future.