Key benefits Coverage for Plan 1
Room and Board (Standard room and up to 120 days) 1 bed (private hospital)

Surgical Expenses

  • Waiver of Surgical Table if insured member is admitted to a restructured hospital.
  • Surgeon's fee of more than $1,500 is subject to Surgical Table if insured member is admitted to a private hospital.
  • Pro-ration factor will apply if insured member is staying at a higher ward or hospital type than his/her entitlement.
Up to $20,000 per disability
Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment Up to $5,000
Outpatient Kidney Dialysis (per policy year) Up to $20,000
Outpatient Cancer Treatment (per policy year) Up to $20,000
Rehabilitation Benefits (up to the maximum benefit limit or up to 31 days, whichever is earlier) Up to $8,000
Home Nursing Care (per policy year) Up to $6,000

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Need more protection? Enhance your employees' coverage with riders.

These riders reimburse outpatient medical expenses incurred at General Practitioner (GP) or Specialist clinics.

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This rider covers large claim amounts that would otherwise be limited by the Group Hospital and Surgical plan.

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You may view the Group Major Medical Rider and Group Outpatient Rider premium rates here.