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Income Treats is a customer rewards programme for all Income policyholders, including single trip travel insurance policies (during the period when the policy is in forced). 

To redeem Income Treats, you need to login with your email and password, via After you log in, select the treats and refer to the redemption instructions indicated.   

If you do not have  an account, you can register for one via

Featured Treats are monthly specials that can be in the form of a lucky draw, free gifts or special deals / discounts. Featured Treats are only available within a limited period in the month and / or for a limited quantity.

Policyholders will be informed of new Treats via the monthly Income Treats eDMs. To ensure that you receive these eDMs, please update your email address and select “Yes” for your Marketing Materials Options. To do so, you can log in here.

Yes, you can redeem more than one treat at each time.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of each treat to determine the number of times you can redeem the treat. 

No, the treats are non-transferable.

No, the treats are non-refundable or exchangeable for cash or in kind.

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