Occupational Class Examples
Class 1 Clerical, administrative or other similar non-hazardous occupations such as accountant, lawyer, banker, doctor, teacher, nurse, secretary, etc.
Class 2 Occupations where some degree of risk is involved, such as supervision of manual workers, totally administrative job in an industrial environment, professions of an outdoor nature, work involving overseas travel or work involving the occasional use of tools or machinery, such as foreman, grocer, hairdresser, salesman, tailor, surveyor, tourist guide, etc.
Class 3 Occupations involving regular light to medium manual work with no substantial hazard which may increase the risk of sickness or accident. Examples are professions involving the use of tools or machinery, such as a carpenter, builder, painter, driver, technician, hawker, unarmed security guard, etc.
Class 4 High-risk occupations involving heavy manual work including hot works. Examples are full-time national serviceman, fireman, policeman, armed security guard and woodworking machinist, etc.