Description Percentage of the sum assured
1 Loss of life 100%
2 Loss of two or more limbs 100%
3 Loss of one or two or more limbs by amputation at or above wrists or ankles 100%
4 Total and irrecoverable loss of all sight in one or two eyes 100%
5 Total paralysis 100%
6 Injuries resulting in being permanently bedridden 100%
7 Permanent, total and continuous disability preventing the insured from engaging any occupation or employment for wage or profit or from giving attention to any business whatsoever 100%
8 Eye loss of sight of one eye, except perception of light 50%
loss of lens of one eye 50%
9 Loss of four fingers and thumb of one hand 50%
10 Loss of four fingers 40%
11 Loss of hearing both ears 75%
one ear 15%
12 Loss of thumb both phalanges 25%
one phalanx 10%
13 Loss of index finger three phalanges 10%
two phalanges 8%
one phalanx 4%
14 Loss of middle finger three phalanges 6%
two phalanges 4%
one phalanx 2%
15 Loss of ring finger three phalanges 5%
two phalanges 4%
one phalanx 2%
16 Loss of little finger three phalanges 4%
two phalanges 3%
one phalanx 2%
17 Loss of metacarpals first or second (additional) 3%
third, fourth or fifth (additional) 2%
18 Loss of toes all 15%
great, both phalanges 5%
great, one phalanx 2%
other than great, if more 1%
than one toe lost, each  

The aggregate of all percentages payable in respect of any one accident shall not exceed 100% of the sum assured.