Frequently Asked Questions

Personal accident, medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation
  • Q:Is death resulting from a medical outbreak such as H1N1 or SARS claimable?


    No, death claims due to disease are not payable. The Travel Insurance policy only pays for death claims caused by accident.

  • Q:Can I make a claim for my dental expenses?


    You can only claim for dental expenses if an accident happened while you are overseas and the treatment is necessary to restore your sound and natural teeth. It is subject to the limit of the policy contract.

  • Q:Can I claim for pregnancy-related medical expenses incurred during my trip?


    No, medical expenses related to pregnancy are not claimable as the Travel Insurance policy excludes pregnancy and childbirth.

  • Q:If I were to suffer from a fracture during a trip and require long term medical treatment when I return to Singapore, can I make a claim for the follow-up medical treatment?


    Yes, follow-up medical treatment incurred within 30 days upon returning to Singapore is claimable.

  • Q:If I did not seek medical treatment for an injury or illness during my overseas travel, can l claim for medical expenses incurred in Singapore after my trip?


    Yes, you can if it is not a pre-existing condition and the injury or illness occurred during your overseas travel.

    The Travel Insurance policy allows you to claim for medical expenses incurred for:

    • Initial treatment within three days from the date you return to Singapore
    • Follow-up treatments up to 30 days from the date of your first treatment in Singapore
  • Q:Can I claim for medical expenses incurred for treatment by a Chinese Physician or Chiropractor?


    Yes, you can as long as the practitioners are registered with the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioners Board and possess valid practicing certificates. You will need to do so within three days upon returning to Singapore and you have up to a maximum of 30 days to continue treatment.

    View list of registered TCM practitioners

  • Q:What are the emergency medical and travel assistance services available to me while I am overseas?


    The emergency medical and travel assistance services available are:

    • Medical advice
    • Referral to doctors, specialists, hospitals, lawyers and interpreters
    • Arrangement for bail bonds, travel assistance for loss of passport, embassy referral, medical evacuation / repatriation of patients, repatriation of mortal remains, despatch of doctors / medicines, compassionate visits, accompanied return of dependent children and hospital deposit guarantees.

    You will need to pay for the expenses incurred for the services that are not covered under your travel insurance.

Travel inconveniences
  • Q:If my trip is cancelled due to natural disaster at my planned destination, can I claim for trip cancellation?


    Yes, you can if you decide not to proceed with the trip. You will be able to claim for the non-refundable and irrecoverable travelling / accommodation expenses paid in advance (including cancellation fee) to recover from your travel agency, airline or hotel.

  • Q:If I have to cancel my planned trip due to busy work schedule, can I make a claim?


    No, you will not be able to make a claim for trip cancellation due to busy work schedule as this is not one of the reasons covered under the policy.

  • Q:If I do not feel well and need to shorten my trip and come back to Singapore earlier, can I claim for the related expenses?


    Yes, you can if your medical condition is not pre-existing. You will be able to claim for the transport expenses and accommodation costs that you have paid or have agreed to pay under a contract and which you cannot get back (including the travel agent’s cancellation fee). You will also be able to claim for additional economy class transport expenses and accommodation expenses for a standard room for your return to Singapore. You must ask for a refund of prepaid expenses from the transport or accommodation provider first. We will reduce the claim by the amount that the transport or accommodation provider has refunded you.

  • Q:If my flight was delayed at the overseas destination due to natural disaster (e.g. snowstorm), can I make a claim for travel delay?


    Yes, the policy covers travel delays if the public transport you are scheduled to travel in during your trip is delayed for more than six hours in a row and you are not the cause of delay.

Baggage & Personal Belongings
  • Q:I left my handbag on a table and walked away to collect my food from the buffet counter. Upon return, I discovered my handbag was missing. Can I make a claim?


    No, you will not be able to make a claim for losses arising from unattended belongings.

  • Q:What should I do if any of my belongings are lost or stolen while travelling overseas?


    You will need to report the loss to the local police or a relevant local authority (e.g. hotel or airline) within 24 hours of the incident. You will also need to obtain a copy of the report for any subsequent claim.

  • Q:Can I claim for my damaged luggage that has been repaired by the airline?


    No, the Travel Insurance excludes loss or damaged item covered under any other insurance policy or which had been reimbursed by the carrier, hotel, tour operator, travel agency or  others. 

  • Q:My baggage was wrongly taken by another passenger and it was only returned to me much later. Can I make a claim?


    No, you are not able to make a claim for this case.

    The Travel Insurance policy only covers baggage delay under the following conditions:

    • Delay is a result of mishandling by an airline or cruise operator
    • More than six consecutive hours of delay in receiving your baggage
  • Q:If I have misplaced my purchase receipts, can I still claim for loss of personal items?


    Yes, you can still submit the claim for our review.

    You should take note that in the absence of the original purchase receipts, it is more difficult for us to accurately assess their value. This may result in a further revision of the claim payout after adjusting for depreciation or wear and tear.

  • Q:Can I make a claim for the loss of foodstuff (or any other items) that is confiscated by the customs department or authorities?


    No, you are not able to make a claim for items confiscated or retained by customs or authorities.

  • Q:If my rental vehicle broke down during my trip, can I claim for towing charges?


    No, the Travel Insurance policy only reimburses you for any excess or deductible* which you are liable for due to an accident while you are overseas. This includes loss or damage to a rental vehicle during the rental period.

    *Excess or deductible: The amount the insured will be required to contribute before they can make a claim.