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As part of Income’s ongoing effort to streamline and digitalise services, from 15 November 2023 onwards, we will transition to full digital submissions through our customer portal for Personal Accident claim submissions.

Except Personal Mobility Guard Insurance.

For Personal Mobility Guard Insurance, you may submit your claims here.

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We will pay the benefit sum to the estate of the deceased provided that the claim is admissible.

If a Will or a Letter of Administration is available, we will pay out the claim to the nominated person(s) accordingly. Otherwise, we will pay out the claim according to Intestate Succession Act.

More information on the Intestate Succession Act

Accidental Medical Expenses claim is on reimbursement basis. We will reimburse you up to the amount incurred or the policy limit, whichever comes first. This is provided that you have not already been reimbursed under any other policies or from other insurance companies.

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