Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:Who is entitled to receive the insurance benefit under my policy in the event of a death claim?


    We will pay the benefit sum to the estate of the deceased provided that the claim is admissible.

    If a Will or a Letter of Administration is available, we will pay out the claim to the nominated person(s) accordingly. Otherwise, we will pay out the claim according to Intestate Succession Act.

    More information on the Intestate Succession Act

  • Q:I have more than one personal accident policy with a few insurance companies. If I were to meet with an accident, am I entitled to claim medical expenses from all the insurance companies?


    Accidental Medical Expenses claim is on reimbursement basis. We will reimburse you up to the amount incurred or the policy limit, whichever comes first. This is provided that you have not already been reimbursed under any other policies or from other insurance companies.

Medical expenses
  • Q:If I am warded in the hospital as a result of illness, can I make a claim for my medical expenses?


    No, you will only be able to claim for medical expenses incurred for treatment due to bodily injury resulting from accident.

  • Q:Can I claim for my medical treatment for dengue fever?


    Yes, the Personal Accident Insurance policy has a few extensions and dengue fever is one of them. For details, please refer to the policy document.

  • Q:If I seek treatment from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioner for an injury due to an accident or infectious disease, is the medical expense claimable?


    Yes, you can as long as the practitioners are registered under the TCM Practitioners Board and possess valid practising certificates. The medical expenses incurred is up to the sum payable of 10% of the Accidental Medical Expenses benefit for any one accident or infectious disease or up to a period of 12 months from the date of the accident or date of diagnosis, whichever comes first.

    List of  registered Chinese medicine practitioners (

  • Q:If I sustained injuries while riding a motorcycle, can I claim for the medical expenses incurred?


    Yes, you will be able to make a claim provided that you have taken up an additional coverage on motorcycling risk on top of our standard Personal Accident Insurance policy.