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If you need assistance locating a clinic to send the worker for treatment, please call us at (65) 6332 1133.

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Prepare the required documents and complete the claim form

Work Injury Compensation claims
Required documents
  • Police report where relevant, report(s) lodged with Ministry of Manpower
  • Original medical bills and receipts
  • Medical leave certificates
  • Work permit (for foreign workers)
  • Payslip/salary voucher for the 12 months immediately before the date of incident
  • Contract/Quotation/Invoice for the project/works if you are a sub-contractor

Please note that the list of documents is not exhaustive. Other documents may be requested if necessary.

Claim forms


Send us your documents and claim form

Email to clineclaims@income.com.sg the completed claim form with a scanned copy or picture of all required supporting documents.

Ensure that the overall size of your email attachment(s) does not exceed 30MB.

For medical claims, keep the original medical bills/receipts for six months as we may request for them on case-by-case basis prior to settlement of the claim.

Your queries answered.

No, your employee can either claim under the Work Injury Compensation Insurance or sue you in the civil courts for damages and not both.

Yes, you can make a claim for the fee of this medical assessment under your Work Injury Compensation Insurance.

Yes, you will be covered and your employee will have to prove negligence on your part to succeed in his/her claim.

Your employees will have to bear the excess medical expenses beyond the limit of the Work Injury Compensation Insurance. Alternatively, they can claim these excess medical expenses under their medical insurance provided that your employees had purchased such insurance.

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Your claim forms.

Download work injury compensation form

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