Frequently Asked Questions

Claims coverage
  • Q:Can my insured employee file for a claim under the Work Injury Compensation Insurance at the same time sue me in the civil courts for damages arising from his/her injury?


    No, your employee can either claim under the Work Injury Compensation Insurance or sue you in the civil courts for damages and not both.

  • Q:If my employee is to undergo a medical assessment arranged by MOM, can I claim for the cost of the medical assessment?


    Yes, you can make a claim for the fee of this medical assessment under your Work Injury Compensation Insurance.

  • Q:If my employee sues me for negligence, will I be covered?


    Yes, you will be covered and your employee will have to prove negligence on your part to succeed in his/her claim.

  • Q:Who will bear the additional medical expenses if they exceed the limit of $30,000 under the Work Injury Compensation Insurance?


    Your employees will have to bear the excess medical expenses beyond the limit of the Work Injury Compensation Insurance. Alternatively, they can claim these excess medical expenses under their medical insurance provided that your employees had purchased such insurance.

Claims procedure processing
  • Q:If my injured employee files a common law suit against me, what should I do?


    You should not discuss or admit liability to your injured employee without our written consent.

    Upon receipt of all correspondence and/or Writ of Summons from your injured employee or his/her legal representative, please forward them to us immediately. Please send the documents to:

    NTUC Income
    Bras Basah PO Box 0132
    Singapore 911802

    For more information on the Work Injury Compensation Act , you may visit MOM’s website:

  • Q:If my injured employee was granted three or fewer days of medical leave, do I still need to report the accident to MOM?


    It is not compulsory to report the accident to MOM, however, the employer remains liable to pay compensation to the employee.

  • Q:When do I need to report a work-related industrial accident?


    You are required to notify MOM within 10 days of the occurrence of the accident if it meets any of the following conditions.

    • Accident results in the death of any of your employees
    • Accident renders any of your employees unfit for work for more than three consecutive days
    • Accident renders any of your employees to be hospitalised for at least 24 hours

    For more information on the timelines to report an incident, please visit MOM’s Incident Reporting page:

  • Q:Why do I need to inform NTUC Income about a work-related industrial accident after I have reported to MOM?


    You will need to officially notify us of your claim in order for us to assess it.