'In With You', stands for performance, growth, innovation and impact. It is a reflection of what employees relate to and experience most at Income.

They are also attributes that we aim to sharpen and live up to as an employer. To us, these attributes are important to support our vision and mission.

We offer driven professionals like you an environment to challenge yourself and one another to achieve shared goals.

We develop your potential and offer you opportunities to realise your ambitions in a collaborative and culturally diverse environment.

We empower you to counter conventional thinking by constantly seeking breakthroughs and act as a catalyst for change.

We provide the unique opportunities for you to do good and create positive social impact to make a meaningful difference to people's lives.

The Income competencies ensure that we uphold the highest standards in our work and achieve our goals effectively.


  1. Challenge status quo and take risks
  2. Commit to maximise results by taking ownership and holding one another accountable
  3. Communicate by speaking up and be open to honest feedback
  4. Collaborate and support each other to win
  5. Create action plans with clear targets/outcomes and execute with discipline
  6. Cultivate positive customer relationships through quality service

Job Roles at Income

As Singapore’s leading life, health and general insurance provider, each Operations role is unique as they service different products. Being conceptual, compassionate and inventive are characteristics that Income truly values in the Operations team as we strive to deliver value to our policyholders through our product offerings.

Income’s Operations team has a huge impact on the product development process, the decisions made during policy claims and the overall quality of service provided to policyholders. Hence, having compassion is key in differentiating Income from other insurance providers, especially when products and pricing amongst the industry are virtually homogenous.

Income’s Operations team has a huge impact on the product development process, the decisions made during policy claims and the overall quality of service provided to policyholders. Hence, having compassion is key in differentiating Income from other insurance providers, especially when products and pricing amongst the industry are virtually homogenous.

Income’s Operations team has a huge impact on the product development process, the decisions made during policy claims and the overall quality of service provided to policyholders. Hence, having compassion is key in differentiating Income from other insurance providers, especially when products and pricing amongst the industry are virtually homogenous. 

If you’re keen to explore an Operations role, please check out our job portal here.

Look forward to a career with us.

Income recognises and rewards its staff in line with their abilities and contributions, with plenty of opportunities for you to advance your career. Make a difference and get the recognition you deserve. An organisation is only as strong as the people within it.

That’s why we also keep our staff constantly updated on the latest industry trends and practices through various trainings, workshops, job rotations, and projects.

With a wide array of incentives like medical, dental, and enrichment allowances, we’ll make sure that you are well looked after. This way, you can give your best for the company and the community.

Here’s what it means for us to be a socially responsible company.

  • At Income, we value and respect employees’ basic rights. Due diligence in the form of responsible human resource policies forms the cornerstone of this commitment.
  • We implement fair hiring and work practices to ensure that no discrimination of employees, partners, customers, stakeholders, members and anyone else impacted by us has been put in place.
  • We expressly prohibit discrimination and promote a stringent procurement policy. Our inclusive and progressive hiring practices are based on merit.
  • Responsible legal, risk management and compliance departments, as well as trained security personnel, help mitigate the risks of complicity in activities contrary to our values.
  • One of our key priorities is the institutionalisation of suitable internal processes such as recourse and redress mechanisms based on dialogue and mediation. To this end, the Co-operative always demonstrates strong support for unions. In addition, union representation for bargainable staff is always ensured.
  • Beyond complying with national laws and regulations, we ensure that Income employees enjoy good work conditions and social protection. We provide fair compensation with regard to wages, hours of work, weekly rest, health and safety, maternity protection and the ability to combine work with family responsibilities.
  • We are a strong supporter of union membership. Employees from all levels of the organisation are also able to provide feedback in confidence to Human Resources if the need arises.
  • Work health and safety practices are taught during our new-staff induction programme and observed by all staff. There are First Aiders assigned to every 25 employees. Crisis and emergency drills are practiced in accordance to the Ministry of Manpower regulations.
  • We provide a learning and development framework through evaluation completed by our staff and their supervisors. Staff are allocated budget for training and upgrading, and encouraged and given opportunities to improve their skills.
  • We ensure sustainable resource use through energy-efficient practices such as switching off air-conditioning at 7pm. Our paper use is minimised through the use of e-statements.We are also proud to support local and international environmental campaigns such as Earth Hour.
  • To further reduce the environmental footprint of our buildings, we retrofit the buildings we own to at least BCA Greenmark bronze standard and consider BCA Greenmark standards in purchasing properties.
  • We have made an impact in the insurance industry by using layperson language instead of opaque clauses and legal terms in our policy documents. Our Crystal Mark documents are the first in Asia and other companies are now encouraged to follow our lead.
  • We ensure fair competition through a stringent procurement policy.
  • We identify corruption risks, implement and maintain policies and practices that counter corruption and extortion.
  • We ensure that our leadership set an example for anti-corruption and provide commitment and oversight for implementation of anti-corruption policies. We also support and train representatives as part of our efforts to eradicate bribery and corruption. Lastly, we run an annual staff quiz on anti-money laundering policies in accordance with guidelines set by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and ensure that staff are aware of our whistle-blowing policy.

Hear from us.

Joining Income full time was a natural decision to make as my internship experience with Income has truly been an enriching one. Income places great emphasis on the 70-20-10 learning model – 70% learning on the job, 20% learning from others and 10% learning from workshops. Throughout my internship, I was given many opportunities to learn through hands-on experience, gain exposure, and embark on projects that allowed me to learn and grow. My colleagues and managers were also very friendly and helpful, which provided a very conducive working environment and helped me assimilate into the Income family very quickly.

Tham Qinglian, Executive, Business Excellence

Cross-department collaborations where agile project teams that comprise relevant colleagues from different business units come together to tackle a business problem at hand is a key feature at Income that I value and find effective in applying a customer lens to a solution. As such collaborations are typically iterative and agile, they allow a deeper understanding and learning about other team members’ scope of work and processes, which in turn, enable me to gain new perspectives in ensuring regulatory compliance as we collectively push boundaries, adopt new methodologies to not only achieve business objectives but also delight our customers at the same time.

Rueben Lien, Senior Manager, Compliance

My career progression may look different from my peers. Instead of moving up the ranks in the same team, I looked at how I can grow my career at Income by expanding my skillsets and workscope. Although I graduated with a Degree in Engineering, I took up the challenge of starting my career in motor underwriting, which is an unrelated field to my course of study. I took on projects that reviewed the processes for motor new business underwriting and motor endorsement operations, and was ultimately given the opportunity to lead General Insurance operations as a whole. While being accountable and possessing the ability to think critically may be my strengths that opened up opportunities to me, Income's strong culture for internal mobility has been the key to my success in embarking on n my various roles at Income and to grow and develop my career with the company.

Victor Su, Manager, Lead (GI Ops CoE)

At Income, analytics has been identified as a key driver for us to achieve two vital goals – growing our business and optimising our customers’ experience and delighting them. Analytics has changed the insurance landscape by providing deeper customer insights, and as a result, are allowing us to create innovative ways to augment the entire financial advisory process. At Income, we are establishing a data-driven culture within the organisation where every department is encouraged to embrace data in their decision-making, through a structured education and governance framework to ensure data is used correctly and responsibly. Today, we have also enhanced productivity by leveraging data to enable our financial advisors to better address some of our customers’ evolving needs with sharper customer insights.

Abhishek Ghosh, VP and Head, Data Analytics CoE

Working in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team at Income has been particularly meaningful and purposeful for me. This is especially so when Income considers positive social impact as a business deliverable and scores its annual corporate performance based on how well it performed financially and in delivering social impact, which is not limited to corporate philanthropy but also through our products and services. This spirit of giving-back to the community is not just driven by the CSR team alone. Our colleagues give back enthusiastically to the community - spending a total of more than 3000 hours volunteering during our annual ‘Income Gives Back’ event. In addition, I've seen staff taking the initiative to run awareness activities and donation drives for OrangeAid, Income's community development and involvement arm. It's heartening to know that I work in an organisation that embeds do-good in our way of business all year round.

Rathika D/O Shamugham, Senior Executive, Corp Social Responsibility

I joined Income in 2017 because I saw Income as an innovative player, which was penetrating the market with its digital channels and various initiatives like e-commerce and cross-sector partnerships. My experience of Income as an employee has been an agile one as the company is always quick to pivot and try other ideas when initial iterations don’t work. This inspired me to continue contributing my best to the success of the organization.

Julian Seah, Senior Manager, Transformation Office