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Income’s 12-Week Internship

Hear from our Summer 2020 Interns!

Prior to this internship, insurance law was a foreign subject to me. To value-add to the team, I had to take initiative to grasp knowledge of insurance law. Poring over insurance law textbooks was important to ensure I grasp the basics. On top of that, it was the mentorship by my supervisor, that made all the difference. With her guidance, I was able to reconcile 'textbook' knowledge with real-life work applications. Asking questions proactively also accelerated my learning curve – the more you ask, the more you learn.

Megan Ho, Legal, Internship Programme 2019

The biggest takeaway from this internship is learning to be forward-looking, staying on my toes and being ready for curveball situations in the workplace. No one day is the same and you will encounter situations you have not come across in classroom settings. Beyond our day-to-day role, interns are also given the opportunity to learn the agile and design thinking methodology, which is a project management approach that is widely adopted in today’s work environment. If you’re looking for a holistic learning experience, the Income internship programme is the one for you!

Sydney Seah, Finance, Internship Programme 2019