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Real Care Doesn’t Stop at Emojis

  • Dec 04, 2022
  • 4 mins

The advent of technology has enabled us to become more connected than ever before. If we want to talk to a friend or loved one, we can simply send a message, email, or call them with a few taps on our phone. But what if your loved one is hurting? How would you show that you genuinely care? Would you choose to call or send a message, or would you be there physically, lending them a shoulder to cry on?  

When we are faced with difficult situations, we all hope that our nearest and dearest would make us feel cared for, but care is not limited to only within our family and friends. Care is a universal language that extends beyond those closest to us, as can be seen by these advisors’ stories of how they went above and beyond, forging lifelong relationships with their customers in the process.

Income Advisor of 28 years

Beth's relationship with Sandra^ goes way back to the first time she met her at Aljunied FairPrice in November 1999. There, she signed up for an insurance plan, with Beth becoming her advisor. Despite her spouse switching her to another insurance provider in 2014, Sandra decided to switch her policy back to Income. “The premium was more affordable and she (sic) with very comfortable with Income and me,” says Beth.  

In August 2016, Beth learnt that Sandra was diagnosed with cancer. She took time to visit Sandra every now and then, to encourage her and to help with her claims. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, they continued to keep in touch via phone calls. Their friendship went both ways, with Beth giving Sandra encouragement where she could, and Sandra hearing out Beth’s worries at the months-long lockdown impacting her life.  

Sadly, in December 2021, Beth met Sandra for the last time. Before Sandra passed away in February 2022, she gifted Beth a jacket which Beth cherishes to this day.  

Income Advisor of 23 years

When Doris took over as the Soh family's financial advisor 20 years ago, her relationship with the family did not get off to an easy start. Her persistence eventually paid off through her regular follow-ups with Mr Soh, slowly building on her relationship with the Soh family over the years and turning into a family friend.

In October 2017, Mr Soh informed Doris that his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. As a friend, Doris was worried and upset, but as an advisor, Doris kept calm and assured Mr Soh that she would be there to help his family in every way she could. “I wanted to be their listening ear, let them know there’s someone they can share their problems with,” says Doris. To provide mental and emotional support, Doris regularly checked in on Mrs Soh's treatment and progress, spending as much time with Mrs Soh as she could by inviting her for meals to cheer her up. She visited Mrs Soh when she was hospitalized and took care of the hospital claims for the family.

Even after Mrs Soh’s passing in December 2020, Doris is still in contact with the Soh family, showing her care and concern, providing support where she can.

Income Advisor of 24 years

When Wendy received news that one of her long-time policyholders, Cindy^, was involved in a serious traffic accident this year, she was shocked. Having served as Cindy and her family's financial advisor since Cindy was a young child, it was heart-wrenching to witness the severity of her injuries. Being a mother herself, Wendy could empathise with Cindy's parents.

Having worked as a medical social worker before becoming an Income Advisor, Wendy was uniquely equipped to support the family through what was a traumatic time.

Frustrated by COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the restructured hospital she was in, Cindy's parents initially wanted to transfer Cindy to a private one. However, Wendy advised them against it. "The decision to transfer (sic) during the initial critical stage may (have) put his daughter's life at stake," shares Wendy.

When Cindy finally woke up from her coma, Wendy taught the family ways to communicate with her via eye and finger movements.

Today, Cindy is in post-operative recovery and is back at work. For Wendy, seeing her recovering well was truly rewarding and she's glad to have been able to support her and to have forged a closer bond with Cindy and her parents.

Income Advisor of 33 years

In her 33 years of being an agent, Agnes says that she has never been more inspired by the independence and courage shown by one of her policyholders, Jane^, who had to overcome first the passing of her husband and then the emotional turmoil of her daughter's cancer journey.

At the time she was diagnosed, Jane's daughter was only 27 years old. As she has children around the same age, Agnes could understand how Jane was feeling. She dutifully helped the family with their medical claims, ensuring that they continued to receive income while their daughter recuperated from her illness. Beyond her duties as an advisor, Agnes wanted to provide as much support and care as she could. Knowing that the family valued their privacy, Agnes was mindful not to overstep the boundaries and did whatever she could to allay Jane's worries and anxieties over her daughter.

Thankfully, Jane's daughter won the fight against cancer and today, has a loving family with two children of her own.

Care for Real

It's easy to send an emoji or a quick 'oh no, hope you're fine'. But really caring for someone is so much more. It's about being present, being there for someone when they're hurting, and giving them the emotional and mental support that they need.

At Income, we care by being there for you, for real. Find out more about how we do this, here 


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