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5 Places For A Quiet Ride In Singapore

byBenjamin Kline
  • Jan 10, 2019
  • 6 mins
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In the past 150 years, the humble motorcycle has secured its place in human history as the ultimate adventure machine. Sure, an aircraft will trump the motorcycle but a million dollar flying machine is not within everyone’s reach. And even then, you wouldn’t get that ‘wind in your hair’ feeling that adventurers crave.

There’s something seductive about the danger that surrounds you when you get on a two wheeled machine. While your senses are dulled when you’re in the safety of a moving metal cage (i.e. a car), the opposite happens when you get on a bike.

Knowing that your life is truly in your hands adds to the allure of motorcycles. Add about 200 horsepower to the equation and you have an adrenaline junkie’s dream. Nothing comes close to the freedom and adventure offered by a motorcycle.

But let’s face it, Singapore isn’t exactly a prime choice on a motorcyclist’s list of places to ride. In fact, the life of a motorcyclist in Singapore is a distinctly perilous one. What with careless drivers and people changing lanes on faith alone, riding a motorcycle here is as far from relaxing as a vacation in Pyongyang.

Here’s a list of five places we go for a quiet ride in Singapore: 

At close to 17km in total, this stretch of road starts at Changi Village and takes you along the East Coast of Singapore. If you can spare the fuel, the cruise on this road doesn’t disappoint.

Normally devoid of traffic after 8pm, it’s guaranteed to be a relaxing ride whether alone or with a date.  

Food: Considering its proximity to Changi Village, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to good food. Whether you’re in the mood for hawker fare, western or even a fancy restaurant, there’re lots to choose from. Remember to pay homage to the famous Changi Village Nasi Lemak.

Activities: Besides the obvious food trail, being next to the beach means both you and your date can put up a hammock and enjoy the salty sea air. If you’re adventurous enough, you could even have a barbeque right there on the beach though it would depend on what bike you ride and how much it can carry

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Covering a distance of just over 10km, this stretch is best taken during off-peak hours or late at night. The road is reasonably long and wide enough that you won’t feel claustrophobic with other traffic around. And during off-peak hours, it can be a pretty relaxing ride, albeit at a lower speed.

Food: Cutting through numerous popular food haunts, this is another perfect trail for date night. Casuarina Road alone would leave you spoilt for choice but for some local hawker fare, Sembawang Hills Food Centre is a popular spot for lunch on a weekend. 

Activities: Take a stroll or have a picnic at the nearby Upper and Lower Peirce Reservoir after a hearty meal.

On its own, this trail is only 8km long but combined with the previous Thomson Road route, it can be pretty significant. Again this road takes you through a part of Singapore that most don’t drive through unless they live in Sembawang or Yishun. But it offers a quiet ride because of its wide three lane roads and general lack of bends.

Naturally a road this long and quiet would be regularly patrolled by the cops as drivers tend to get lead footed here. So do watch out for fast moving cars when you’re on a cruise and keep to the left.

Food: There aren’t much eateries in the area as it’s mostly surrounded by army camps, a crematorium and heavy industry. But there are food villages nearby in Sembawang and Yishun after your ride.

Activities: There are places you can stop along Mandai Road, next to Seletar Reservoir, where you can chill out in front of the water. You can also take Mandai Road Track 7 to get to the golf driving range if you fancy swinging at some balls or just want a quiet place for a romantic date. 

Built for Singapore’s manufacturing sector, Tuas South is the largest piece of reclaimed land in Singapore. While it’s pretty busy on weekdays, the entire 20 sq km becomes a ghost town on weekends.

The long and wide roads that seemingly go on forever make this a perfect place to enjoy your two wheeled machine without worrying too much about traffic. The lack of traffic and people in general also makes this place a perfect location for some hero shots of you and your machine.

Food: None to speak of. Your best bet would be riding out to Jurong West or nearby NTU. 

Activities: A perfect place for taking awesome cool sunset shots of your bike with a breathtaking orange hue. 

ferris wheel

Starting from Sheares Bridge to Changi Airport, this 15km stretch of road is the most picturesque in our list. Cutting through the centre of town where you get breathtaking views of the Singapore Flyer and the CBD, it’s definitely the perfect way to start or end a date night in town.

Changi Airport also makes a great place for a dinner date given its many dinner options and relatively small crowd on a weekday evening.

Food: From town to East Cost Park and ending up at Changi Airport, there’s a plethora of food choices here. And there’s ample parking whether on weekdays or weekends. 

Activities: Stroll around East Coast Park or just while the time away at Changi Airport’s viewing gallery, the perfect place for a romantic date. Combine it with number one on our list and make it a full day affair!

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