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Lifestyle activities are actions you perform on a daily basis (e.g. take the MRT, buy a cup of coffee etc.), which will purchase a micro-insurance on SNACK whenever you complete it.

There are currently 8 lifestyle activities on SNACK - Food & Drinks, Transport, Groceries, Retail, Utilities, Entertainment, Petrol, and Steps. We'll be adding more lifestyle activities in future too!

SNACK works with a range of partners to avail lifestyle activity options like Transport, Food & Drinks, Groceries and more to you.

As of now, SNACK works with Visa, EZ-Link, Fitbit and Burpple to receive information whenever you perform this lifestyle activity.

There are currently 3 products on SNACK:

- SNACK-Life (Term Life protection)
- SNACK-Critical Illness (Critical Illness protection)
- SNACK-Accident (Personal Accident protection)

These insurance policies are underwritten by NTUC Income. More products will be introduced in the near future. Stay tuned for updates! Click here to learn more.

Yes, there is a limit to the premiums charged to your credit or debit card depending on the weekly cap you've set up. Once you've hit this weekly cap, we will no longer charge you premiums when you complete lifestyle triggers and you will not be issued any more policies for that week.

You’ll only be charged for your premiums each time you perform your lifestyle activity. The total premiums will be deducted from your card on a weekly basis on Sunday!

Each SNACK policy covers you for 360 days, starting from the date of policy issuance. Even if you stop performing your lifestyle activities or remove them on the app, you will still be covered under the respective products until your policies end.

Each SNACK micro-insurance policy covers you for 360 days. When your policy expires, the coverage amount for that policy will not be effective anymore. However, as you continue going about your day-to-day life and continue using your lifestyle triggers, your coverage will still continue building up.

See how it works:


Zac was issued a SNACK micro-insurance policy (P01) of $50 coverage on Day 1 after completing a lifestyle trigger activity he has selected. He continues to perform and complete the lifestyle activities he has selected in Day 2 and beyond which triggers the issuance of more SNACK micro-insurance policies (P02 and more).

At Day 360, policy P01 would have expired. This means that the $50 coverage would no longer be effective. Zac's overall coverage amount is thus reduced by $50. However, all other SNACK policies that was issued after Day 1 (P02 and beyond), would still be effective and Zac is still covered by those policies and the respective coverage amount.

You can read up more about our FAQs here!