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From now till 31 December 2024, you will be entitled to a complimentary 6-month Personal Accident Insurance coverage^ for every financial review done.

In partnership with our wholly-owned subsidiary company, Infinitum Financial Advisory (InFA), if you have any existing non-Income insurance policies from the list of providers here and would like to have an advisor from InFA to contact you to assist with your queries on your existing plans, do answer “Yes” to questions 1 and 2 and we will get our InFA advisor to contact you.

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We at Income Insurance Limited (“Income”) value our customers and would love to share exclusive offers (such as rewards, privileges, events and discounts) and information about products and services (“Marketing and Promotional messages”) offered by Income, our business partners and NTUC Enterprise group of social enterprises (“NE Group”) that may be useful to you and your family.

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Important Notes

^Terms and conditions apply.

Terms and conditions

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