Item Description Limits of compensation
A Medical expenses
Medical, surgical hospital fees or charges, as long as fees or charges are charged within one year from the date of the accident.
Up to $3,000 for one accident for no more than three different accidents each policy year
B Hospital cash benefits
Daily hospital cash for staying in hospital due to an accident
$10.70 per day,
Up to 365 days from the date of accident
C Schedule of losses
Payable within one year from the date of accident
I. Loss of life $10,000
II. Total paralysis through injuries $20,000
III. Loss of any two limbs $20,000
IV. Loss of one limb $10,000
V. Loss of sight of both eyes $20,000
VI. Loss of sight of one eye $10,000
VI. Loss of sight of one eye $10,000
VII. Total loss of speech $10,000
VIII. Total loss of hearing $10,000
IX. Loss of hearing in one ear $5,000
X. Loss of thumb $2,500
XI. Loss of index finger $2,500
XII. Loss of phalanx of thumb $1,500
XIII. Loss of any finger other than index finger $1,000
XIV. Loss of any one toe $1,000
XV. Cost of artificial limb up to $3,000
Total we will pay per accident , under item C
(Payable within 90 days from the date of accident)

We will not pay extra compensation for any specific item which is part of a greater item due under this policy. For example, we will pay the insured person for the loss of limb, but we will not pay the insured person again for the loss of finger or thumb.