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As of 27 May 2024

Fees & Charges
Pay with Cash, SRS
Premium charge Please refer to “Fees and Charges” Section of the Product Summary for ILP.
Annual management fee 1.35% p.a.

The Annual Management Fee is not guaranteed and may be reviewed from time to time. However, it shall not exceed 2.0% p.a. of the sub-fund balance at any point of time.

About the fund

Launch date 14 May 2024
Investment objective The investment objective is to seek current income and long-term capital appreciation.
Investment scope The sub-fund intends to achieve the objective by investing all or substantially all of its assets in the PIMCO GIS Income Fund SGD (Hedged) Inc Share Class (“underlying fund”). The underlying fund will utilise a global multi-sector strategy that seeks to combine the Investment Advisor’s total return investment process and philosophy with income maximization. Portfolio construction is founded on the principle of diversification across a broad range of global fixed income securities. The underlying fund uses top-down and bottom-up strategies to identify multiple sources of value to generate consistent returns. Top-down strategies are deployed taking into account a macro view of the forces likely to influence the global economy and financial markets over the medium term. Bottom-up strategies drive the security selection process and facilitate the identification and analysis of undervalued securities. The sub-fund is denominated in Singapore Dollars.
Fund manager Income Insurance Limited
Manager of the underlying fund PIMCO Global Advisors (Ireland) Limited
CPFIS risk classification N.A.
Inclusion in CPFIS N.A.
Structure Single Fund. The units in the sub-fund are not classified as Excluded Investment Products.
Benchmark The sub-fund is actively managed without reference to a benchmark.

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Outlines the objective, scope, and approach of the sub-fund with comprehensive details on other key aspects. 

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Covers key features, terms and risks, and fees and charges of the sub-fund.

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