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As of 27 May 2024

Fees & Charges
Pay with Cash, SRS
Premium charge Please refer to the fees and charges in the Product Summary of the applicable ILP for details.
Annual management fee 1.25% p.a.* which includes management fee charged by the investment manager of the Schroder Asian Income Fund.

*Not guaranteed and may be reviewed from time to time. However, it shall not exceed 2.0% of the sub-fund balance at any point in time.

About the fund

Fund type Thematic Fund
Launch date 12 May 2014
Investment objective The Asian Income Fund aims to provide income and capital growth over the medium to longer term by investing primarily in Asian equities (including real estate investment trusts) and Asian fixed income securities. The sub-fund currently offers a monthly distribution pay-out feature. Distributions are not guaranteed and can be made out of the income, capital gains and/or capital of the sub-fund.
Investment scope The sub-fund intends to achieve this objective by investing all or substantially all of its assets in Schroder International Opportunities Portfolio – Schroder Asian Income (“underlying fund”), in Class X Distribution, which is managed by Schroder Investment Management (Singapore) Ltd. The underlying fund will seek to achieve the investment objective primarily through investment in a portfolio of equity securities of Asian companies which offer attractive yields and sustainable dividend payments, and fixed income securities and other fixed or floating rate securities, of investment grade or below investment grade (at the time of or subsequent to acquisition), issued by governments, government agencies, supra-national and corporate issuers in Asia which offer attractive yields. The underlying fund may substantially invest in fixed income securities and debt securities which are below investment grade or unrated. The sub-fund is denominated in Singapore Dollars.
Fund manager Income Insurance Limited
Manager of the underlying fund Schroder Investment Management (Singapore) Ltd
CPFIS risk classification N.A.
Inclusion in CPFIS N.A.
Structure Single fund
Benchmark The Asian Income Fund is neither constrained to nor is it targeting any specific benchmark. However, as an indication of the performance of such a strategy, investors can consider the performance of a reference benchmark comprising 50% MSCI AC Asia Pacific ex Japan Net and 50% JP Morgan Asia Credit Index.

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