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As of 11 Jul 2024

Fees & Charges
Pay with Cash, SRS
Premium charge Please refer to the fees and charges in the Product Summary of the applicable ILP for details
Annual management fee 1.25% p.a. *

*Not guaranteed and may be reviewed from time to time. However, it shall not exceed 2.0% of the sub-fund balance at any point in time.

About the fund

Fund type Thematic Funds
Launch date 11 Jan 2022
Investment objective To generate regular income and long-term capital appreciation for investors by investing in equities, fixed income, cash and other permissible investments
Investment scope The sub-fund aims to achieve the objective by investing all or substantially all of its assets in the Fullerton Asia Income Return Fund (“underlying fund”) Class A SGD distributing class. The underlying fund may invest in collective investment schemes, other investment funds, exchange traded funds (“ETFs”), securities and/or hold cash, in accordance with its investment objective and asset allocation strategy, as the Manager of underlying fund deems appropriate.The underlying fund may use financial derivative instruments (“FDIs”) (including, without limitation, treasury, bond or equities futures, interest rate swaps or foreign exchange forwards) for hedging, efficient portfolio management, optimising returns or a combination of all three objectives. The sub-fund is denominated in Singapore Dollars.
Fund manager Income Insurance Limited
Manager of the underlying fund Fullerton Fund Management Company Ltd
CPFIS risk classification N.A.
Inclusion in CPFIS N.A.
Structure Single Fund
Benchmark The Asia Dynamic Return Fund is actively managed on a total return basis without reference to a benchmark

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