What you need to know.


For public agencies on VITAL’s travel programme, you may submit your claims here.

For school trips under a group travel programme, you may submit your claims here.

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Choose how you want to submit your claim.

Please submit your claim online if they are for any of the following reasons below.

  • Cancelled trip 
  • Shortened trip 
  • Trip postponement 
  • Missed travel connections 
  • Overbooked public transport 
  • Personal accident/medical expenses 
  • Travel/baggage delays 
  • Losses or damages of baggage, travel documents or personal belongings 

  1. You can generate and use your eCard for cashless visits to panel GP clinics in Singapore by doing the following steps:
    • Retrieve the policy activation email that covers your trip and click on "Seek Cashless Panel GP Visit"
    • Search Income’s panel for your preferred GP clinic
    • Follow the steps to generate the eCard 
    • Show your eCard and Identity Card at the clinic to enjoy the cashless facility
  2. If you did not receive medical treatment overseas, you must do so within three days of your return to Singapore. If you have received medical treatment overseas, you must continue your medical treatment in Singapore within 30 days after your return to Singapore. 

Information is correct as of 30 June 2021.

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