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You can submit Hospital benefit, Hospital Cash and/or Hospital & Surgical claim online via My Income customer portal. Don't have an account yet? Register today!

To receive payments as quickly as possible, opt for Direct Crediting under the Payment section in the claim form.

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Additional information before you claim.

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Your hospitalisation bills can be paid with the following methods:

  • Cash or credit card
  • CPF MediSave account (Upon admission, please sign the forms for the CPF MediSave Deduction, if any)
  • Combination of the above: If the hospital bill exceeds the allowed MediSave deduction limit, you will need to pay the excess amount with cash or credit card.
  • Letter of Guarantee (LOG) which is subject to our approval – to assist with partial or full waiver of hospital deposit. (For Managed Healthcare System plans)

You can obtain a LOG by calling us at 6332 1133 or through hospital admission staff if you are getting treatment in a restructured hospital.


Prepare the required documents and complete the claim form

Required documents
  • Original final hospital/medical bills and receipts
    (For Hospital Benefit rider, you only need to provide copies of the final hospital bills.)
  •  Hospital discharge summary
  •  Medical reports, if any
  • If you have submitted a claim to other policies/insurers/your employers/any other third parties who have reimbursed your bills, please submit copies of the following documents:
    • Reimbursement letter
    • Discharge voucher
    • Payslip reflecting the medical expense deduction (for civil servants)

Additional documents for Hospital Benefit rider

  •  Medical certificates

Additional documents for Co-pay Assist plan

  •  A copy of the reimbursement letter from your employer/pension department if the bill does not indicate the amount that your employer/pension department has paid

Claim forms


Send us your documents and claim form

If you are unable to submit your claim online, you can choose one of the following channels to submit your claim during this period.

  1. Email your claim to us.
    a. Submission of Group and Affinity insurance products, email to groupclaim@income.com.sg
    b. Submission of Personal life/health insurance products, DPS or ElderShield, email to csquery@income.com.sg.
  2.  By post to
    Claims Service Centre
    Income Centre
    75 Bras Basah Road
    Singapore 189557

Important notes

  • Please ensure that all requirements for claim submission stated in our website are completed before submission to avoid unnecessary delay.
  • To receive payments as quickly as possible, opt for Direct Crediting under the Payment section in the claim form.
  • If you are submitting your claim online or via email, you are required to keep the original medical bills/receipts for six months as we may request for them for verification prior to/post settlement of your claim.
  • For all overseas claims, you are required to submit/follow up with the original notarised documents. 

How to tell if your hospital/medical bills are original and final:

  1. The bill is a final bill, not an estimated or interim bill.
  2. The bill is an original copy, not a duplicate or a photocopy/scanned copy.
  3. There is no outstanding amount due to the medical institution.
  4. The amount covered by MediSave is approved, if applicable.
  5. The amount covered by MediShield / your Private Shield plan is reflected on the bill, if applicable.

Information is correct as at 16 November 2023.

Your queries answered.

Yes, any claims arising out of or relating to pregnancy or childbirth is claimable except for accouchement charges. This is provided that you have been insured under the Co-Pay Assist Plan for more than 12 months.

If there is a balance amount not payable by Co-pay Assist Plan, you can submit a claim request for the remaining portion under another medical policy.

You can claim according to the following co-payment rates:

Ward Adjusted Co-Payments Rates
Entitlement Admitted to Policyholder Dependant
C B2 4.4% 11.7%
C B2+ 3.1% 8.3%
C B1 1.8% 5.0%
C A 1.3% 3.3%
B2 B2+ 5.3% 13.3%
B2 B1 3.1% 8.3%
B2 A 2.6% 6.7%
B1 A 5.7% 15.0%
As per plan eligibility / Downgrade of ward 7.5% 20.0%

You will receive your claim payout depending on the method of payment as indicated in your bills.

For example:

Your total bill amount:$1,250
Your total eligible amount (assuming $250 is not payable):$1,000
Employer’s co-payment (85% on your total eligible amount):$ 850
Amount paid by you in cash:$ 400
Our co-payment (7.5% on your total eligible amount):$ 75

Since you have paid $400 by cash, we will issue a cheque of $75 in favour of you. If the balance $400 is paid using Medisave, we will arrange with CPF Board to credit $75 to the Medisave account as indicated in the bill. If the balance of $400 is paid by CPF MediShield or Medisave-approved Private Integrated Plan 1, we will reimburse $75 to your plan.

1. Refers to IncomeShield or AIA’s HealthShield or Singlife Shield or Great Eastern’s SupremeHealth or Prudential’s PruShield.

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