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What attracted me to the SMA programme is the flexible career paths I can pursue, be it a managerial position or a more sales-driven career. The programme is well planned out for us with proper guidance, and I like that I am exposed to not just front-end processes, but also many of the backend processes. This really helps me understand the entire process of incepting a policy more holistically.

Miki Teo, previously a full-time financial consultant

Deciding on a mid-career switch was never easy for me and venturing into the insurance industry with no experiences at all would put many of us out of our comfort zones. I am glad that I adapted really quickly with the support of the management team and a well-structured SMA programme, which made the learning curve less steep. We are given many opportunities to share our views and ideas with the senior management team and in fact, being mentored by them personally. I also like that my career track has been readily planned, aligned to my aspirations while also providing me great remuneration and job security.

Angeline Yong, formerly from the travel industry

Coming from the financial industry in a previous role, I am able to further sharpen my skills and pick up new knowledge through the training and mentorship by the experienced management team. This role has allowed me to gain deeper knowledge in the development and back-end processes, an area which I believe many advisors do not have access to, in other companies. In addition, the SMA programme builds my confidence to explore different career opportunities within Income.

Jacky Tan, previously a full-time financial consultant

Being new to the insurance industry, the SMA programme gives me the assurance of being a well-thought-out programme that provides a holistic experience which allows me to earn as I learn. The programme has introduced me to various aspects of the business, and the one-on-one mentorship provides great guidance that has inspired me to want to learn more. In addition, I like that it also gives me job and financial security with a good remuneration from the day I join the programme, while learning the ropes of the industry.

Kimberly Kong, a fresh graduate from the Singapore Management University (SMU)

\What I thought is unique is being personally mentored by the senior management team which has allowed me to gain a much better perspective into the world for insurance, with deeper knowledge in the development and processes of the insurance industry, an area that many advisors may not have access to. Furthermore, as Income is currently the only insurer that offers a flexible career proposition, the SMA programme provides me with job security and allows me to explore the different career opportunities that I can pursue.

Jackson Soh, a fresh graduate from the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)