• We will help you gain the certifications, soft skills, and knowledge you need to succeed while supporting your growth with structured courses and trainings. Our dedicated managers will constantly be there to guide you through your developmental journey.


    ▪ Sponsored licensing examinations, and pre-contract funding

    ▪ Supplementary monthly allowances for the first 12 months of your career

    ▪ Support for client builder activities

    ▪ Growth opportunities for you to realize your entrepreneurial potential

  • We provide a structured corporate financing scheme for the first 18 months of your career to fast-track your success in Income.


    ▪ A fixed monthly allowance payable during the first 18 months of the program.

    ▪ Candidates would be subjected to meeting the Cumulative AFYC targets by end of month.



    ▪ Candidates with not more than 2 years Financial Industry experience.

    ▪ Experienced Financial Consultants who left the industry more than 2 years.

  • Rookie Achievers Club (RAC) is specially curated by Income to support and springboard new joiners to your path of success together. Through RAC's activities, mentorship, programs and incentives, fellow rookies can congregate, interact, and grow together in their crucial introductory year.


    Kick starts your career in Income together!

    Stay on track on the road of success in Income!

    Apply the right practices to finish strong!



    ▪ 12-month structured Training & Development roadmap

    ▪ Priority registration for high demand training programs

    ▪ Learn from external and internal subject matter experts

    ▪ Performance Bootcamp for performing rookies



    ▪ Lunch-and-Learn webinars

    ▪ RAC Facebook group

    ▪ Peer engagement activities



    ▪ Build activity management skills & habit - sales performance challenges

    ▪ Rookies performance challenges


  • Enjoy medical benefits and get covered under group insurance. We will make sure you are well looked after so that you can concentrate on providing sound financial advice to your clients.