Making a Mid-career Switch with Income

byJeff Cuellar
  • Dec 31, 2020
  • 3 mins

Change can be a rewarding experience when you actively seek it out, or it could also be a scary experience when it happens unexpectedly. Making a mid-career switch can bring about these same emotions. But whether your career transition was driven by choice or by market factors outside of your control—it’s always possible to make it a positive and fulfilling experience with Income.

Terence, who is part of our Finance team, shares his experience in making a mid-career switch from the logistics industry to join the Income team. 

The Experience of Making a Mid-career Switch

Terence started his career in the logistics industry, where he developed skills related to third-party distribution, shipping activities, account and inventory management. As his career progressed, he eventually took on roles related to supporting business operations and project management—valuable skills that could also be applied to other roles. 

Mid career switch in Singapore can be tough

He decided it was time to make a switch to a new job in a new industry. “An opportunity came up,” says Terence. “For me, making the switch wasn’t a question of good or bad timing. It was about pursuing a career that both challenging and within my skillset.”

Making a mid-career switch wasn’t without challenges. “Having a lack of related work experiences, qualifications and perhaps potentially taking a pay cut are some of the barriers you may face,” mentions Terence. To better adapt to his new job, he took up courses and did some self-learning to get the skillsets required to be successful in his new role. 

Looking for the Right Opportunity to Make the Switch

He decided to make the switch to another role as he was looking for a job that was not only challenging, but also provided a sense of fulfilment as well. “I discovered that what I really wanted from a career switch was to find something that provided a real sense of fulfilment and career stability,” he says. “I wanted to experience genuine excitement about my work and feel like I delivered value to my employer and customers.”

While looking for jobs, he came across an opportunity from Income for a role in Finance Operations. “I had a good interview experience as I could relate to a lot of the responsibilities in the job listing,” relates Terence. He had a positive impression of Income as a social enterprise, was familiar with the company, and felt that it could offer him stability. His hiring manager saw his enthusiasm and willingness to grow, offered him the role, which he gladly accepted. 

Making the Mid-career Switch to Income

Making a mid career switch to Income.

As a new employee who was making a mid-career switch, Terence was given time to transition to his new role and given the support he needed to do his job well. “What I like about Income is that you are not left to just fend for yourself after getting the job,” he mentions. “There is progressive learning, and your teammates and managers give you the support and advice to do your job well.” Through his team’s collaborative spirit and cohesiveness, he was able to learn the new skills needed to adapt to his new role.

He is also learning new skills outside of his scope of work, which challenges him to grow and diversify his professional skillset. This achievement is made possible with the help of supportive team members. “What makes Income a good place to make a mid-career switch is that it’s a rewarding experience. It’s rewarding in terms of growing your professional skills, immersing yourself in a strong culture of collaboration and achieving work-life balance,” says Terence.  

He was glad for the opportunity to make his mid-career switch with Income. “I was able to make a successful career switch because I was open to learning new skills and trying out new experiences with a company that gives you opportunities to succeed in your role,” says Terence. “Don’t let the fear of learning new things outside of your comfort zone overcome your desire to switch to a more fulfilling career.”

Ready to Learn More about Career Opportunities at Income?

Mid career switch career opportunities

Income is a great place to build a meaningful career with professional and personal growth—even if you are making a mid-career switch. Visit Income Careers Page to see what opportunities are available.


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