What Income’s Fresh Graduate Careers Are Like

byJeff Cuellar
  • Dec 14, 2023
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For many new graduates in Singapore, finding their first job is important. After all, the right first job can help jump-start your career by giving you access to the knowledge, skills and experience needed to achieve long-term professional success.

However, finding the right job can be challenging for fresh graduates in Singapore, especially in today’s competitive economy. But even with these job market challenges, it’s still possible to find an opportunity that provides personal and professional growth—with Income.

Jeremy, who joined Income’s Finance Team right out of graduation, shares his personal experience of securing his first job and benefitting from the career growth opportunities available at Income. 

Having newly earned his degree in Business Management from the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) with coursework from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Jeremy was eager to start his search for his first job. “Your first job is extremely important because it will ultimately shape your future career path, giving you the strong foundational skills needed to jump-start your career,” says Jeremy. “It also means being flexible and willing to learn new things that are outside of your comfort zone to grow professionally.”

Taking all the advice he’d received from friends, family, and his community to heart, Jeremy jumped straight into the fresh graduate job hunt.

His job search took him to the Income Careers Page, where he shared his previous work experiences and highlighted his willingness to learn in his application. He was soon contacted by Income for an interview. “To be honest, I thought the interview process would be intimidating,” mentions Jeremy. “But the manager and senior executive at the interview made me feel comfortable expressing myself and asking questions about Income and the job scope.”

After the interview, Jeremy was certain that the job was right for him, and was optimistic about it opening doors to an exciting career. Despite the fact that Jeremy’s fresh graduate status meant his degree and experience did not completely align with the role, it was his keen willingness to learn and sincerity that earned him the job offer, which he gladly accepted.

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Like many fresh graduates, Jeremy was nervous about starting his new job without any previous knowledge or work experience—but the Income team was there to ensure he had the support he needed.

“My manager assigned a work buddy and answered any questions I had, so there was never any doubt about what I needed to do to succeed at my job,” says Jeremy. “My colleagues also kept me focused and helped me adjust to work life at Income, preparing me for the responsibilities of giving presentations and creating monthly reports.”

Jeremy’s colleagues immediately welcomed him into the team and checked in with him regularly, encouraging him during times of doubt and helping him overcome challenges with his new role. He also had help from his manager, who not only provided mentorship and career advice, but also led by example. “My manager is a fair and responsible leader who makes sure all of our voices are heard during meetings and discussions,” mentions Jeremy. “She always looks out for the welfare of the team, keeping our morale high.”

With the help of his manager and colleagues, Jeremy has adjusted well to his role and now sees challenges as a source of enjoyment instead of anxiety. “The thing I love the most about my job is being able to collaborate with internal and external parties so I can hone my soft skills, grow my network and better understand how the business works,” says Jeremy. “I also love the challenge of coming into work every day and having something new to solve.”

According to Jeremy, there are 3 reasons why Income is a great place for fresh graduates looking to start their careers.

Supportive colleagues and managers

At Income, there is a strong support network for fresh graduates to not only integrate them into the team, but also prepare them for success in their long-term career plan. “My managers and colleagues would always check in on my progress to ensure I was coping fine in my role,” says Jeremy. “They were always ready to provide any help or clarifications if needed, which helped me succeed at my role even though I had no prior experience.”

Room for fresh graduates to grow their skills

Fresh graduates at Income are welcomed as members of a team, taught valuable career skills and given tasks that are challenging, but achievable for their skill level—and always given the support they needed. “My colleagues were always there to give me the help I needed to do my job well,” mentions Jeremy.

Exposure to new professional experiences and opportunities

Income provides opportunities for staff to diversify their skillsets through various projects to ensure that staff are able to grow on a personal and professional level. “As my career progresses with Income, I have been given more roles and responsibilities that have broadened my experience and has enabled me to contribute to the company in a more collective way,” says Jeremy.

Income is an organisation that actively wants you to succeed in your career, whether you’re a fresh graduate diving into your first job, or looking to switch to a whole new field mid-career. “Choosing Income as my first workplace has been very beneficial for my personal and career growth. If you are looking to learn and develop a strong foundation for future career growth, it is a great place to start,” relates Jeremy.

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Transitioning from an academic environment to the corporate world can be a daunting process for fresh graduates, even if you’re fortunate enough to land in a supportive environment like Jeremy did at Income. Here are some practical tips to make this transition smoother:

  • Embrace continuous learning: The corporate world is dynamic and in most workplaces, you're encouraged to view every task as a learning opportunity. Don't hesitate to ask questions or seek clarifications – it shows your eagerness to learn and grow. Knowledge transfer isn’t just a way you can advance your career, but an avenue to learn more about yourself and what you want out of your work.
  • Network within the company: Building a network is crucial for career progression. Engage with colleagues from different departments, and learn how your job scopes complement or support each other. Being able to connect and learn from the experiences of others nurtures an empathetic mindset, allowing you to understand the bigger picture outside of your department.
  • Set realistic goals: Initially, set small, achievable goals to help you stay focused and motivated. If you have supportive supervisors or management behind you, they can help you in setting these goals and provide guidance or advice on achieving them.
  • Hone your time management skills: Juggling various tasks can be challenging. Use tools and techniques to manage your time effectively, whether it’s online time tracking apps or a physical notebook to write down to-do lists.
  • Seek feedback and stay humble: Regular feedback is vital for improvement. Sometimes, that might entail receiving feedback on ways you can improve, which can feel like a personal slight. However, don’t take such feedback too personally – it’s important to remember that you’re not infallible, and that only by working on yourself can you achieve real growth. Seek out managers and mentors who are approachable, yet can provide constructive feedback that is crucial for your professional development.
  • Maintain a work-life balance: It sounds trite, but embrace your workplace’s work-life balance initiatives whenever you can. Work shouldn’t consume your day-to-day life, and you should find time daily (if possible) to wind down, refresh, and reflect on your day. If your workplace holds social events and team-building activities, take these as opportunities to bond with your team while letting off some steam.

Income Insurance is a great place to build a meaningful career with professional and personal growth, even as a fresh graduate.

Career trajectories for fresh grads at Income emphasise continuous growth and development, with a range of training programmes, workshops, and courses available to nurture your technical and soft skills. As fresh graduates progress through the early stages of their careers, they’re encouraged to explore different roles and embrace the versatility of internal mobility in order to find their niche within the organisation. Those who show leadership potential are even offered opportunities to enter advanced training and development programmes, preparing them for leadership roles further down the line.

All of this is also supported by a network of mentors and supervisors who provide the guidance, advice, and support necessary to navigate the complexities of the corporate world. From long-term career progression to short-term goal-setting, Income ensures you have the resources necessary to tackle your role effectively, setting you up for a successful and fulfilling career.

Visit the Income Careers Page to see what opportunities are available.

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