Our promise to our customers.

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We drive a culture of fair dealing at Income. This means we have developed policies, built systems and embark on processes that ensure that our business conduct practices achieve fair dealing outcomes for our customers. More significantly, we set fair dealing targets within our business performance scorecard and monitor them closely to ensure that we achieve them annually. This sends a strong signal to employees and partners that we should always be fit and proper, ethical, professional and competent.

We are mindful that our customers rely on us for relevant information, quality service and appropriate recommendations and recognise that we play an important role in influencing customers’ financial decisions. As such, we regard it as our duty to put our customers’ interests first. This means, we are committed to thorough ‘Know Your Client’ processes so that we effectively engage our customers with professional financial advisory that are customised to their needs at different life stages.

Our customers have the right to expect fair, professional and ethical treatment from us. We have, thus, made customer-centricity a priority for us. In this regard, we ensure that our representatives undergo vigorous and continuous training so that they are equipped with relevant skills and knowledge to offer high quality advice and service to our customers. As financial representatives, it is essential that we continue to bring value and remain an essential part of our customers’ lives that is built on trust, understanding and mutual respect.

We disclose information fully and clearly to our customers so that they are in the best position to make informed financial decisions. We provide them with regular updates to keep them abreast of developments that affect their policies. We believe that the information we provide our customers should be simple to understand and this is why we write our insurance contracts in plain English to ensure reader-friendliness. Our efforts were endorsed by Crystal Mark, which is a globally-recognised standard for plain English and a seal of approval guaranteeing that a document is written simply, clearly and concisely.

We take our customers’ feedback seriously and we strive to address their concerns promptly and fairly. We have also established a robust process to resolve customer grievances effectively and promptly. In turn, we have built on these learnings to sharpen our customer engagements and services.