Frequently Asked Questions

Overseas Study Protection Plan

  • Q:Does this policy meet the healthcare requirements of the foreign country/institution?


    You can verify with the foreign institution or relevant authority to determine if this plan meets their requirement as healthcare requirements vary for different institutions or countries.

  • Q:Does this policy cover me if I travel outside my country of study for vacations?


    Yes. We understand that as students, you may travel for vacations; therefore we have designed our plan to provide you with worldwide coverage when you are overseas.

    However, please note that we exclude coverage to the following countries:

    • Afghanistan, Cuba, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Sudan or Syria.
  • Q:Does this policy cover participation in dangerous sports or activities while overseas?


    Leisure activities that are accessible to the general public/tourists such as bungee jumping, scuba diving, motorcycling (including pillion riding), horse riding, winter sports, water rafting are covered in our standard policy terms.

    However, dangerous or professional sports and activities are not covered in our policy terms. You may contact us at 6788 6616 or email to us at if you wish to check if the activity you are taking part in is covered.

Personal Accident Cover
  • Q:What does Personal accident cover?


    Personal accident protects you against accidental death or permanent disabilities due to accidents. In such events, we will pay out according to the scale of compensation to lighten the financial load on you or your family.

  • Q:Does this policy cover me when I am in Singapore?


    This policy is designed to protect you against accidents while you are overseas. However, the personal accident cover will start when you leave the place you usually live or work in Singapore to start your trip, or from the start date of your policy, whichever is later.

    Personal accident cover ends when:

    • You arrive at the place that you usually live or work in Singapore after your trip;
    • Three hours after you return to Singapore; or
    • At the end of the period shown on your schedule;

    whichever is earlier.

  • Q:What does the “Medical expenses for injury due to an accident” benefit cover?


    If you suffer an injury due to an accident while overseas, we will pay for the reasonable and necessary medical treatment requested by a medical practitioner up to 90 days from the date of the accident or up to the benefit limit, whichever comes first for you to seek medical treatment while overseas.

  • Q:Can I continue my treatment in Singapore for an injury suffered whilst overseas?


    Yes. You are covered for your treatment for an injury suffered while overseas.

    If treatment was not sought overseas for the injury, you have up to 7 days from when you arrive in Singapore to seek treatment and up to 30 days thereafter for follow up treatments.

    If treatment was sought overseas for the injury, you have up to 30 days from when you arrive in Singapore to continue treatment.

Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Q:Who do I contact if I am injured or sick and need to be evacuated while overseas?


    You may call our appointed assistance company at their 24-hour hotline (65) 6338 1222 for assistance.

  • Q:Can I choose my means and destination of evacuation?


    No, either Income or our appointed assistance company will arrange and decide on the most suitable means of evacuation. It may include air ambulance, surface ambulance, regular air transportation or any other appropriate means. Be assured that our decisions will be based solely on your severity and medical necessity.

  • Q:What does “Sending you home” benefit cover?


    This covers the costs incurred for the transportation and return of your mortal remains to Singapore or to your home country. This is provided that death occurs due to an injury or sickness which occurred whilst overseas.

Personal Belongings Cover
  • Q:What does the “Loss or damage of personal belongings at your overseas residence” cover?


    If your personal belongings (including laptop) is lost or damaged due to natural disasters or theft while stored at your overseas residence, we will pay you to repair or replace the lost or damaged items.

    The sub-limits of this benefit are as follow:

    Handheld computer devices$200 in total
    Other personal belongings- $500 per item, set or pair.
  • Q:Does this policy cover the loss of my passport or travel documents?


    If you lose your passport or travel documents due to natural disasters or theft while overseas, we will pay for:

    • The reasonable transport and accommodation expenses that you incurred when travelling to replace your lost passport or travel documents; and
    • The administrative cost to replace your lost passport or travel documents.
Terrorism Cover
  • Q:Does the policy cover acts of terrorism?


    Losses arising from acts of terrorism is covered under the policy. If any of the insured events is caused by an act of terrorism; resulting in a loss under any of the benefits, the policy will still respond accordingly. E.g. Under section 1, if the insured person is accidentally injured due to a terrorist attack, and is permanently disabled, the benefit will respond accordingly.

    Act of terrorism means an act (which may include using force or violence) by any person or group, committed for political, religious, ideological or similar purposes, with the aim of influencing any government or to put the public, or any section of the public, in fear. Robberies or other criminal acts mainly committed for personal gain and acts arising mainly as a result of personal relationships will not be considered as an act of terrorism. Act of terrorism also includes any act which is confirmed by the relevant government as an act of terrorism. Using nuclear, chemical or biological substances or weapons will also be considered an act of terrorism.

Travel Inconvenience Cover
  • Q:What does the “Travel delay” benefit cover?


    This covers you when the public transport you are scheduled to travel in during your trip is delayed for more than six hours in a row and you are not the cause of the delay.

    For travel delay while overseas – We will pay you a cash benefit of $50 for every six hours of delay in a row.

    For travel delay while in Singapore – We will pay you a cash benefit of $150 after a full six hours of delay.

    The maximum limit for this benefit is $1,000 per policy period.

  • Q:Does this policy cover baggage that is lost or damaged while travelling?


    You can claim to repair or replace your lost or damaged baggage caused by an accident only when they are checked-in with a commercial airline.

    The sub-limit for each item, set or pair is $500, subject to an overall section limit of $2,000 per policy period.

Hospitalisation Outpatient Expenses
  • Q:What is covered under Hospital and surgical expenses?


    If you are hospitalised due to an injury or sickness suffered when overseas, we will pay for the reasonable hospital and surgical expenses. This includes:

    • Treatment by medical practitioners
    • Surgical expenses
    • Room and board charges
    • Prescribed drugs and medication
    • Treatment by specialists (only when recommended)
    • Laboratory examinations
    • Pre-hospitalisation treatment (90 days before hospitalisation)
    • Post-hospitalisation treatment (90 days after you leave the hospital)

    If you have not sought treatment while overseas, we will also pay if you have to be hospitalised within seven days of your return to Singapore.

  • Q:Can I make a claim for outpatient medical expenses due to a sickness?


    Yes, only if you have purchased optional benefit. We will pay for your outpatient treatment that is recommended by a medical practitioner up to $1,500 per policy. There is an excess of $100 (amount that you are responsible to pay for) for each outpatient treatment visit.

Application and Procedure
  • Q:What do I indicate as the “Period of Insurance”?


    The period of insurance should be the period of your overseas study. You can choose between policy periods of 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

    If you are going overseas for more than one year, you can select policy period of 12 months. You will be invited to renew the plan at the end of the policy period.

  • Q:How can I make payment?


    You can choose from the following:

    Activation Method Premium Payment Methods Available
    Income website/hotline Credit Card
    Income branches Cash / Cheque / Credit Card / NETS
  • Q:Can I make changes to the optional benefit after the start date of the insurance?


    No. You can only make changes to the optional benefit during your next policy renewal, subject to our acceptance. Please note that renewal only applies to policies with policy period of 12 months.

  • Q:Can I increase the benefit limits of my plan?


    No. You cannot change the benefit limits of your plan.

  • Q:If I need to extend my studies, can I extend my plan?


    Yes, you can extend your coverage by paying an additional premium. This is provided that your policy is still in force.

    Contact us at 6788 6616 or email to to make your request. We will advise you on the additional premium that you are required to pay.

  • Q:Will I get a refund if I cancel my plan?


    If we receive your cancellation request:

    • Before the start date of the policy - we will provide a full refund
    • After the start date of the policy - we will work out your refund based on the calculation below

    85% x Premium x Period of insurance (in days) still left to run / Original period of insurance of this policy

    We do not refund any amount below $37.45 (inclusive of GST). We will also not make a refund if a claim has been made under this policy for the current policy period.