Frequently Asked Questions


New application
  • Q:Who can buy this plan?


    A start-up incorporated for not more than 5 years as determined in Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) Business Profile, extracted within last 6 months from the commencement date of the policy.

  • Q:What is the minimum group size to be eligible for this plan?


    You will need a minimum of 2 full-time employees to be eligible for this plan.

  • Q:What is the eligible age to be covered in this plan?


    Employees over age 16 years and up to age 69 years (last birthday).

  • Q:Can I start the plan anytime when I am ready to buy?


    Yes, you can buy the plan anytime but the policy will only start from the 1st of the following month upon successful application.

    Example: If you apply the plan on 14th of October 2017, your policy will only start from 1st November 2017, for a period of one year.

  • Q:What is the maximum number of years that I can renew for this plan?


    The plan will cease after the 5th year of your start-up’s incorporation. You will have the option to transfer your employees’ cover to Income’s Employees FlexCare plan. Premiums for Employees FlexCare will be determined by age band at the prevailing premium rates and the terms and conditions of the Employees FlexCare.

  • Q:Can I include my dependant or employee’s dependant in this plan?


    No, dependant cover is not extended to this plan.

  • Q:Can I choose a different plan for myself or individual employee?


    No, the plan that you have chosen will apply to you (if applicable) and/or all your employees.

    How do I apply for this plan?

    a) Please apply online and upload your company’s Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) Business Profile (within 6 months validity).

    b) Please input your employees’ details online and the policy commencement date will be effected on the 1st of the following month.

Plan & Benefits
  • Q:Does this plan cover my employees for any pre-existing illness?


    For hospitalisation or day surgery (item 1 to 9) and Special Extensions, pre-existing conditions are covered after 12 months of your employee’s continuous cover under the policy, provided it is for a condition that is covered under the policy.

    However, pre-existing kidney or cancer condition will be permanently excluded.

    For Outpatient Consultation (item 10), pre-existing condition will be covered subject to the policy’s terms and conditions.

  • Q:Does the GHS plan cover my employees if they are being treated or confined in a ward which is different from the selected plan type?


    Yes, if your employee is admitted to a higher ward, 50% pro-ration factor will apply to day surgery and inpatient admission.

  • Q:Is there a surgical schedule that is applicable to the hospital bills?


    No, surgical schedule does not apply for this product. The covered medical expenses will be payable up to the maximum plan limit chosen by you.

  • Q:Is there a restriction to the hospital type?


    There is no restriction to the hospital type. The plan allows for admission to any hospital in Singapore.

  • Q:Can my employee seek elective treatment outside Singapore?


    No, we are unable to admit the claim if an employee were to seek elective treatment outside Singapore.

  • Q:Can I extend the plan to cover my employee stationed outside Singapore?


    No, this plan covers employees residing and working in Singapore only.

  • Q:Do I need to inform Income if my company goes into liquidation?


    Yes, once you notify us, there will be an additional 3 months cover (for benefit item 1 to 9) from the policy expiry date for your employees who are actively at work.

    Please provide the supporting documents to substantiate your claim.

  • Q:Can I change the plan during the policy period?


    Changes to your current plan is not allowed during the policy period. You may choose to change the plan upon renewal but subject to approval from Income.

  • Q:Is there a refund if the policy is cancelled before the commencement of the policy?


    There is no refund of premiums once the policy is issued.

  • Q:Is there a refund if the policy is cancelled during the policy period?


    There is no refund of premiums for the unexpired part of the period of insurance if the policy is cancelled during the policy period.

  • Q:Can I terminate my employee’s cover during the policy period?


    Yes, you can terminate the employee’s cover during the policy period but there will be no refund to the unexpired period of cover. It is advisable to terminate the cover for employees who have resigned to avoid any claim dispute.

  • Q:Can I include my new employee in the plan during the policy period?


    Yes, you may include new employee by completing the Group Employee Data Form. Subject to the maximum number of employees who can be covered under the policy, you may include your new employees in the same plan during the policy period and the premium will be charged on a pro-rated basis.

  • Q:Can I backdate the cover for my new or resigned employee(s)?


    Backdating of cover for new or resigned employee is not allowed.

Policy Renewal
  • Q:What happen if my company is left with only 1 employee upon renewal?


    Renewal will not be invited if the company has less than 2 full-time employees in the policy.

  • Q:How do I renew this policy?


    a) This plan will be automatically renewed based on the application criteria of the plan.

    b) You can pay your premium via Internet Banking transfer. Please transfer the premium to Income by keying in: 885010 with your 10-digit policy number. For example, 8850101234567890.

  • Q:Will the renewal premium be affected if my employee made a large claim in the previous year?


    This product is reviewed based on portfolio underwriting. It will be reviewed based on the experience of the entire portfolio of policies for this product for other start-ups, and any changes in premium and/or benefits to this product will be applicable to all policies of this portfolio.