Frequently Asked Questions

SpecialCare (Autism) Insurance

  • Q:How is this policy different from other personal accident insurance policies?


    Parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder often encounter difficulty obtaining insurance coverage for these children. SpecialCare (Autism) is an insurance plan specially designed to give financial protection to this specific group. Besides having the common features of a personal accident insurance plan, this plan also offers customised benefits such as paying for medical expenses to treat specific infectious diseases (e.g. hand, foot and mouth disease and dengue fever), paying for physiotherapy and psychiatric treatment when the child suffers trauma after an accident; and waiving the premium for five years if the parent or legal guardian of the child/ward meets with an accident and dies.

  • Q:Do I need this plan if my child already has a Medishield Life plan?


    You can buy our SpecialCare (Autism) plan even if your child is covered by Medishield Life. This is because this policy pays for outpatient treatment when your child suffers an accidental injury or contracts an infectious disease which is generally not covered under a Medishield Life plan. It also helps to pay for part of hospitalisation expenses that falls within Medishield Life's deductible or co-insurance limit.

    SpecialCare (Autism) plan also provides unique benefits such as physiotherapy and psychiatric therapy, personal liability. More importantly, it is designed to provide coverage for your child as most insurance companies will decline acceptance for insurance coverage.

Eligibility and Processing
  • Q:Who can sign up for this policy on behalf of my child?


    Only parents and legal guardians of the child can be the policyholder of SpecialCare (Autism) plan. They must hold a valid Singapore identification document such as a Singapore National Registration Identification Card (NRIC), birth certificate, work pass or Long Term Visit Pass.

  • Q:Who can be covered under the SpecialCare (Autism) plan?


    Anyone between 15 days and 30 years of age with Autism Spectrum Disorder is eligible for the SpecialCare (Autism) plan. He/She must hold a valid Singapore identification document such as a Singapore National Registration Identification Card (NRIC), birth certificate, work pass or Long Term Visit Pass. He/She must also not have any of the following medical conditions:

    • Mobility problems requiring mobility aids such as walking stick, wheelchair, walker or crutches for daily movements and activities
    • Epilepsy
    • Total blindness and/or deafness
    • Diabetes requiring insulin treatments
  • Q:Is there any age limit when we apply for this policy?


    The minimum entry age for your child is 15 days old and the maximum entry age is 30 years old. There is no age limit for parents and legal guardians who are policyholders but they will need to be 75 years old and below in order to be eligible for two of the benefits, Section 1- accidental death and permanent disability of policyholder; and Section 2- waiver of premium due to accidental death of policyholder.

  • Q:Does this policy cover my child throughout his/her lifetime?


    Your child can renew the policy annually up to age 75. From time to time, the premiums and conditions of the policy may change upon renewal.

  • Q:Will Income change benefits and premium over time?


    We may change the benefits and premiums of the policy depending on our claims experience. While Income does not seek to profit from this policy, we need to ensure that it is sustainable. We will notify you in advance of any changes to enable you to make an informed decision about renewing the policy.

Product Coverage
  • Q:Does this policy offer coverage while we are overseas?


    Yes, this policy covers your child against accidents when he/she travels out of Singapore for not more than 90 days every year; except for personal liability benefit which is only valid when the accident takes place in Singapore.

    You, as the policyholder, will also be covered against accidental death and permanent disability when you travel out of Singapore for not more than 90 days every year.

  • Q:What does the waiver of premium due to accidental death of policyholder benefit cover?


    Your child has continued coverage without having to pay premiums for up to five years, if the policyholder (one of the parents or the legal guardian) passes away as a result of an accident. This waiver is applicable provided that the policy renewal is accepted by Income. The five-year time frame will help give the family sufficient time to nominate a new policyholder for the child.

    This benefit will not apply if the policyholder is above 75 years old.

  • Q:What is payable under the final expenses benefit?


    We will pay a lump sum cash payment to help you with funeral arrangements if your child meets with an accident and dies within 12 months from the date of the accident.

  • Q:What kind of medical expenses can I claim under this policy?


    We will pay the insured for both outpatient and hospitalisation expenses to treat injuries and the 17 listed infectious diseases. For hospitalisation expenses, we will pay for the room and board charges, surgery and other medical treatment required for treating your child.

  • Q:Does this policy cover my child’s visits to the chiropractor or Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) practitioner for treatment?


    Yes, your child can visit the chiropractor and TCM practitioner for treatment of an injury due to an accident. However, this policy only covers treatments for injuries which happen within 90 days from the date of the accident.

  • Q:Does this policy cover the buying or renting of mobility aids?


    Yes, we will pay for you to either buy or rent the mobility aids after your child meets with an accident. However, they must be prescribed by a medical practitioner as medically necessary to help with the child’s mobility.

  • Q:What does the “Modifying your home” benefit cover? How can I claim for it?


    If your child suffers 50% or more permanent disability (based on the scale of compensation table) and you need to renovate the home so that your child can be more mobile while at home, we will pay for the reasonable expenses needed to modify the home. We will only allow for modification of the home where the child resides. You must provide us with proof on your home modification.

  • Q:How does the lifetime limit apply to this policy?


    All the claims payable by Income under SpecialCare (Autism) will be added up during the lifetime your child is covered under the policy. Once the claims paid by Income have reached the lifetime limit, the policy will no longer be valid.