Frequently Asked Questions

Managed Healthcare System

Policy Contract Revision (2013)
Changes in Premiums (2012)
  • Q:Does Income have the right to increase premiums? Will there be further increases in the future?


    Yes. According to Clause 18 of the MHS policy contract – Change of Terms and Conditions, we may at our discretion at any time change our premium rates or modify the terms and conditions of the policy, by giving the policyholder thirty (30) days’ written notice at the policyholder’s last known address.

    If adverse claims experience persists, combined with medical inflation, it will be necessary for us to review the premiums of MHS in future. This is to ensure the viability and sustainability of this policy.

  • Q:When will the changes in premiums take effect?


    The premium revisions will take effect upon policy renewal from 1 February 2013 onwards.

  • Q:Why are there increases in the premiums?


    As a provider of managed healthcare insurance coverage, we review our plans regularly in response to changes in the healthcare landscape so that our premiums are able to sustain the benefits provided under this scheme.

    The premiums have not changed since 2001, barring the GST increase in July 2007. However, in order for us to continue supporting the current MHS benefits against the general medical inflation of about 3% per annum (MOH Press Releases, “MOH to enhance MediShield Coverage”, 18 July 2012), the revision of premiums is necessary.

New Membership Card (2011)
Change of Administrator (2010)
Revision of Panel Doctors (2008)
  • Q:Why are the revisions necessary?


    The changing demographics, evolving medical needs of Singapore, raising business costs, inflation are some of the factors effecting the revisions. Furthermore, the environment in which we operate in no longer supports our capitation-based business model.

  • Q:What happens should my PCC decide not to join the new revised MHS Panel?


    Should your PCC decide not to join the revised PCC, they will be termed as Non-Panel. You will only be reimbursed up to the maximum of S$10 with a limit of 3 visits per policy year. Please refer to your contract for terms and conditions.

  • Q:What do I stand to gain from the latest revision?


    You will no longer be restricted to one preferred Primary Care Clinic (PCC). You will be able to visit any of the clinics in our revised MHS GP Panel. The new list of clinics is available here.

  • Q:Are the Polyclinics in Singapore included in the GP Panel?


    Yes, they are. You can visit any of the Polyclinics in Singapore for medical consultation. As Polyclinics in Singapore do not have direct billing facilities with us, you are required to pay cash and seek reimbursement from  Income. However, the admissibility of claim(s) submitted is still subject to contract terms and conditions.

  • Q:Will Income terminate my individual MHS policy?


    No, if you are currently a MHS individual Policyholder (PH). We will terminate your policy only if you have not paid the annual premium and there is outstanding account payable to us.

  • Q:Will you be accepting any new businesses?


    No. In fact new businesses under the group account for MHS were ceased on 1 Jan 2008. This is due to the low take up rate.

  • Q:How do I make my claims to Income since my regular clinic is no longer belongs to the revised GP Panel under the new revised MHS?


    You can make your claims directly or through your agent by downloading the claim forms from here.

    Please remember to attach the original receipts and other relevant documents, where applicable to
    Income Centre, 75 Bras Basah Road,
    #03-00 (GH – MHS Claims),
    Singapore 189557

  • Q:How long will it take Income to process my claim from the day they receive it?


    It will take 14 working days upon receipt of complete documents.

  • Q:What happens to the Primary Care Clinic (PCC) and Alternate Primary Care Clinic (APCC) that I have selected?


    As we have revised the MHS business model, the selection of PCC and APCC is no longer relevant.

Change of Administrator (2016)