Frequently Asked Questions

Group Personal Accident for Students

Claim Coverage
  • Q:If the student is covered by another medical plan, can he/she claim from GPA Insurance Plan for Student?


    In the event that the bill has been fully settled under another medical plan, you will not be able to claim under your GPA Insurance Plan for Student. However, if the bill is only partially settled, you can claim for the remaining amount or up to the policy limit as specified under your policy, whichever is lower. A copy of the settlement letter from the other insurer is required.

Claim Procedure & Processing
  • Q:How do I submit a claim?


    Claim can be submitted online through our eSubmission portal. Full documents have to be submitted before we can assess the claims.

  • Q:What is the turnaround time for processing?


    Medical claim requires 14 working days while Death claim requires 30 working days.

  • Q:How do I check the status of the claim submission?


    To check the status of the claim, you are required to key in student's date of birth and claim number.

  • Q:What is the cut-off date for claim submission?


    All claims should be submitted within 365 days from the date of accident.