Frequently Asked Questions

Golfers Insurance

Product Coverage
  • Q:Does Golfer’s Insurance cover me when I play golf in Bintan or Malaysia?


    Yes, our Golfer's Insurance covers you whilst you are playing or practising golf on any golf course or driving range anywhere in the world.

  • Q:Can I increase the sum insured of the benefits in Golfer's Insurance?


    No, you are not able to do so because this is a package plan and the sum insured is fixed.

  • Q:What does the Liability to the Public benefit cover?


    It covers the following legal liability you have towards third party while you are playing or practising golf on any golf course or driving range.

    • Accidental bodily injury
    • Accidental loss or damage to property
  • Q:Does Golfer's Insurance provide coverage for loss or damage to my golf clubs?


    Yes, your golf clubs are covered against loss and damage. The coverage is also extended to your golf bags, golf balls, caddie-cars and umbrellas. This is provided that the loss or damage is a result of an accident occurring whilst you are at or in transit to / from the golf course and / or driving range.

Application & Procedure
  • Q:Can I take up my Golfer’s Insurance policy for a longer coverage term?


    No, we issue Golfer’s Insurance policy for a coverage term of one year only.

  • Q:How can I make payment?


    You could make payment depending on your activation method:

    Activation methodAvailable payment methods
    Income website/hotlineCredit Card
    Income branchesCash / Cheque / Credit Card / NETS
  • Q:If I change my mind after taking up this insurance, can I cancel it?


    Yes, you can cancel this insurance policy by notifying us via email at or telephone at 6788 6616. The cancellation will take effect from the date we receive your request.

    We will refund you the premium less $10.80 @ 8% GST in 2023, or $10.90 @ 9% GST from 2024 provided that your cancellation request is before the start date of the insurance. Otherwise, you will not receive any refund.