Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:Do I need travel insurance, if I already have Life and/or Personal Accident insurance?


    Travel insurance covers many risks not covered by other types of insurance. These include benefits like Emergency Medical Evacuation, Travel Delay, Baggage Loss or Theft, Overbooked Flights and Flight Misconnection. Please refer to NTUC Income TravelBliss brochure for full Table of Coverage and Benefits.

  • Q:Who can purchase TravelBliss?


    Insured Persons must be residing in Singapore. Singaporeans, Permanent Residents or Foreigners with valid Employment Pass, Work Permit, Dependent Pass, Student Pass or Long Term Social Visit Pass can purchase TravelBliss. Application for Child below the age of 16 to be covered under an individual plan must be made in the name of the parent or guardian who is at least 21 years of age.

  • Q:Can Foreigners purchase TravelBliss?


    Foreigners holding a valid Employment Pass or Work Permit and with a permanent Singapore residential address can apply so long as it is for a round trip commencing and returning to Singapore within the period of insurance.

  • Q:Can I call from overseas to effect a travel policy if I have overlooked to purchase one prior to my departure?


    No, all travel policies must be taken before commencement of trip.

  • Q:Can I buy TravelBliss for my business trip?


    TravelBliss provides cover for travels for both leisure and business purposes. However, certain professions are excluded, such as persons engaging in military service or operations, manual work, offshore work, mining, aerial photography, flying or other aerial activities (except travelling as a fare paying passenger on a commercial airline).

  • Q:What is the maximum duration for a Single Trip Plan?


    The maximum length of each insured trip is 183 days.

  • Q:Do you provide coverage for people who travel frequently?


    By purchasing an Annual Travel Insurance policy, you can make unlimited trips within the policy year and you need not call for activation each time you travel. The maximum length of each insured trip is 90 days.

  • Q:Can I buy more than one TravelBliss policy for the same trip?


    You can only be covered by ONE TravelBliss policy for the same trip. In the event that you are covered by more than one travel insurance policy underwritten by the company for the same trip, we will cover you under the policy which provides the highest benefit level.

  • Q:Who can be covered under a Family Plan?


    Single Trip Plan - Any 1 or 2 adults travelling with any number of children can apply. The 2 adults need not be related but the children must be the legal child or ward (in the case of a guardian), grandchild, brother, sister, nephew, niece or cousin of either of the adults.

    Annual Multi-Trip Plan - For insured, spouse and their dependent children. Trip(s) undertaken by the insured child must be made together with at least 1 insured adult under this plan.

    Child - Child insured under a Family plan means any children less than 21 years old, unmarried and unemployment throughout the policy period.

  • Q:I am above 70 years old. Can I apply for TravelBliss?


    There is no age limit for application. However, if you are aged 70 years old and above, there is a reduction in benefits under Sections 1 to 4. Please refer to the Policy for details.

  • Q:When will the coverage for TravelBliss take effect?


    The Travel Cancellation & Trip Postponement benefit is effective 30 days before your departure or on your date of application, whichever is later. The "Personal Accident" benefit will be effective 3 hours before you depart Singapore. All other sections will be effective only when you are overseas.

    The coverage ends on whichever of the following events occurs first:

    1. the expiry of the period specified in the Policy
    2. your return to your place of permanent residence or
    3. within 3 hours upon your arrival in Singapore

    All other benefits will be provided only when you are abroad.

  • Q:If I have previously suffered from some medical illnesses and physical conditions, will I be able to claim for medical expenses, hospital and other related expenses if I should require treatment during my trip?


    TravelBliss does not cover expenses incurred directly or indirectly caused by or arising from any pre-existing conditions whereby you have prior knowledge of before commencement of the policy or which existed or developed symptoms within the 12 months prior to the commencement of each journey or trip.

  • Q:If I am travelling overseas to seek medical treatment, can I take up the travel insurance policy?


    You may take up the travel insurance policy. However, the intended medical expenses are not claimable.

  • Q:Can I seek treatment from Chinese Physicians & Chiropractor?


    Expenses incurred for such treatment (whether in Singapore or overseas) for Injury or Sickness sustained whilst overseas are covered subject to a maximum of S$600 for TravelBliss Prestige Plan or $300 for TravelBliss Plan.

  • Q:Are dental expenses covered?


    TravelBliss covers cost of dental treatment where such treatment is necessary to restore sound and natural teeth caused by an Accident necessarily incurred by you during the Journey subject to the limits under Section 3 of the policy.

  • Q:I am pregnant. Will I be covered overseas for any pregnancy-related matters?


    Miscarriage caused by accidental falling with external injury or by traffic accident is covered, subject to the limits of the policy. All other pregnancy-related issues will not be covered.

  • Q:Can I continue medical treatment for injury sustained overseas even after my return to Singapore?


    If prior treatment was sought overseas, TravelBliss will cover up to a maximum of thirty (30) days after your return to Singapore or up to a maximum sum of S$55,000 for TravelBliss Prestige Plan or S$30,000 for TravelBliss Plan.

    The maximum amount payable for Insured Persons above 70 years of age is up to S$5,000 for Travel Bliss Prestige Plan or S$2,500 for TravelBliss Plan while the maximum payable for Child below 21 years old is S$10,000. Note that such follow-up treatment(s) have to be authorized by a Medical Practitioner. The Necessary and Reasonable cost of medical treatment by a Specialist is payable only if such special medical treatment is deemed necessary and referred to by your Medical Practitioner.

  • Q:If I was ill overseas but did not seek medical treatment, can I do so upon my return to Singapore?


    You may seek medical treatment in Singapore within seven (7) days of your return to Singapore. You have a maximum of thirty (30) days from the date of the first treatment in Singapore to continue treatment in Singapore or up to a maximum sum of S$55,000 for TravelBliss Prestige Plan or S$30,000 for TravelBliss Plan.

    The maximum amount payable for Insured Persons above 70 years of age is up to S$5,000 for Travel Bliss Prestige Plan or S$2,500 for TravelBliss Plan while the maximum payable for Child below 21 years old is S$10,000.

  • Q:What should I do in the event my money, jewellery or belongings are lost whilst overseas?


    You should report to the local police within 24 hours following the incident(s) or at a place and time where a report could be lodged at the first possible instance.

  • Q:I left my handbag on a bench whilst taking some pictures and realized later that it has been stolen. Can I make a claim?


    Losses arising from unattended luggage or personal effects are excluded.

  • Q:Does TravelBliss provide coverage for Insured events as a result of Terrorism?


    TravelBliss covers Full Terrorism for all Sections including Nuclear, Chemical or Biological terrorism, subject to the aggregate limits of the policy. However, direct participation in terrorist acts will not be covered.

  • Q:Does TravelBliss provide cover for War?


    TravelBliss compensates for the benefits provided under Section 1 for bodily injury sustained whilst overseas as a result of war, if you are caught as an innocent bystander in the country of visit provided such country is not your place of residence or Home Country.

  • Q:The country(s) where I am travelling suddenly devalue their currency and I am now $500 worse off - can I claim for the loss?


    TravelBliss only covers you for loss of money due to robbery or theft only.

  • Q:Are sports such as mountaineering and scuba diving covered under TravelBliss?


    All leisure amateur sports, including mountaineering, rock-climbing, winter and water sports including any underwater activity such as snorkeling or scuba-diving are covered at no extra premium so long as they are done as a leisure activity under the guidance of a licensed guide or instructor.

    Participation in any professional sports or in any sport whereby the Insured Person(s) would or could earn or receive remuneration, donation, sponsorship or award of any kind is excluded.

  • Q:My trip which has been booked has to be cancelled as my leave was not approved by my employer. Can I make a claim under Trip Cancellation?


    Trip cancellation due to this reason is not covered. TravelBliss provides coverage for trip cancellation due to the following Insured Events listed below:

    1. Your death or the death of your Relative or Travelling Companion;
    2. Serious Injury or Serious Sickness or compulsory quarantine suffered by you or your Relative or Travelling Companion;
    3. Sudden riot, strike or civil commotion breakout at the planned destination;
    4. Natural disasters occurring at the planned destination such as typhoon, earthquake or tsunami;
    5. Witness summons or jury service; or
    6. Serious damage to your residence in Singapore due to fire or natural disasters at any time during the period of seven (7) days immediately before the date of departure and which requires your presence at your residence in Singapore on the date of departure.
  • Q:How do you define "Relative" under the Hospital Visitation and Child Guard benefits?


    "Relative" refers to your spouse, child, parent, parent-in-law, brother, sister, grandparent, parent-in-law, great grandparent, great grandparent-in-law, grandchild, niece, nephew, aunt or uncle.

  • Q:What should I do if I need assistance while I am travelling?


    You may call our 24-Hour Emergency Assistance Hotline at (65) 6338 1222.