Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:If the structure of my building is affected resulting from a fire, can I claim for the reinstatement of the building?


    Yes, you can if your coverage includes your building structure.

  • Q:Can I claim for replacement of my locks and keys in the event of forcible break-in at my home?


    Yes, you can claim for the cost of repairing or replacing the lost or damaged locks and keys. The repair or replacement will be on a like-for-like basis that is not better than its original condition.

  • Q:How does Income assess my claim?


    We will review the claim submitted and decide whether it is necessary to appoint a loss adjuster to assist us in the investigation and assessment of the claim.

  • Q:Can I claim for damages of my contents caused by bursting of common pipes/water pipe from my neighbour staying in the unit above me?


    No, you can only claim for damages to your contents caused by bursting of domestic pipes within your home. This is provided that you have taken up contents coverage.

  • Q:If my neighbour’s tree or a tree owned by the authorities fell and damaged my property, can I make a claim under my Home Insurance policy?


    No, you will not be able to make a claim as this is outside the scope of cover of the Home Insurance policy. You may wish to pursue this claim against your neighbour or the authorities concerned.

  • Q:If I caused damage to a third party’s property, should I compensate the third party for the damage?


    No, you should not negotiate or make any admission of liability, offer, promise or payment without the written consent from NTUC Income. You should submit to us immediately upon receipt any legal letter (Letter of demand, Writ of Summons) and all correspondences from the third party indicating their intention to claim.

  • Q:What should I do if a loss adjuster is not appointed?


    You should, as far as possible, gather all facts and the circumstances giving rise to the loss. These include details of any third party responsible for the damage to your property and photographs indicating the extent of the damage.

    You will need to submit all the relevant documents together with the claim form to us. We may follow up with you on further information / documents required.

  • Q:If my bicycle that was parked near to the lift lobby of my condominium was stolen, can I claim for my loss?


    You can claim for the loss to your insured home contents arising from theft. This is provided that there is actual or any attempt of violent and / or forcible entry into your condominium unit.

    Since your bicycle was not parked within your condominium unit and there was no violent and / or forcible entry into the condominium unit, your loss is not claimable.

  • Q:If my neighbour’s home caught fire and the smoke damaged my home, can I make a claim?


    Yes, you can claim for smoke damage resulting from a fire under your Home Insurance policy.